What are the necessary equipment to be able to go hunting?

Whether we are just starting out in hunting or if we already have a medium or professional level, having the right equipment to go hunting is something very important for every hunter. Having the right hunting gear is essential to having a good, safe and legal hunting time.

Preliminary Steps, The hunting legislation in the United States.

Before you leave, it is extremely important to do your research on state laws and the hunting area itself. Taking into account the legislation of each state on hunting is very important since each State handles its own laws in the US.

Typology of the necessary implements for hunting

Based on the above legislation, there are two main components to preparing for any hunt:
• Items to be used before hunting (includes permits)
• Items that will be used during or after the hunt.

Items to be worn before hunting (includes permits)

To have a legal hunt, each hunter must purchase a license, tag, or stamp. In the United States, these items are usually purchased through the Division of Wildlife of the state where the hunt will take place.
Also, it is extremely important to review a copy of the rules for the state where the hunt will occur.
The rules change from year to year and are very specific regarding the season, species and sex of the hunted prey.

The rules for a given year will dictate what specific day and time the hunt for a given animal with a given weapon can begin, and again, the rules will change annually.
Items to be used during or after the hunt.

One piece of hunting equipment is an area map.

It is also valuable to study and carry a parking map, trail map, and landmark map, especially if the area of ​​land on which the hunt will take place is large.
Also, it is important to receive permission from the landowner if hunting on private land or from the field office if hunting on public land.

Going hunting with a partner is always the best option.

It’s always nice to have a hunting partner, for company and safety. If something goes wrong or help is needed, it is important to have someone else to turn to.
In addition, a third party, who is not on the hunt, must be informed of the vicinity of the hunt and the estimated time of arrival and departure.

Weapons and ammunition.

Hunting equipment includes the appropriate hunting weapon and ammunition. The weapon will vary from season to season and game to game.
Sometimes a hunter can use a bow and arrows, we have seen in our blog analysis of this type of weapons.
For a larger animal, like a moose or elk, I would use a large caliber rifle.
Other hunting equipment depends on the type of hunting. Binoculars are always useful. Dogs are ideal for duck hunting and horses are useful for stowing gear and even hunting. A boat or ATV can also be used, especially for waterfowl or big game, respectively. Again, depending on the type of game and the time of year, hunting jackets and boots may be necessary; sometimes the jackets will be camouflage and sometimes bright orange.

Items to be used after the hunt.

After the hunt is over, a hunter needs additional hunting supplies. Dressing supplies such as a knife, disposable gloves, and plastic bags are recommended. Also, cleaning items are useful for cleaning up the hunter after dressing up their game. Once the hunter returns to his vehicle, he must pack the meat in a transport cooler to keep it fresh as well.
If other hunting equipment is needed, it will be specialized. For example, camping supplies are needed for night hunts.
A backpack, food and water will often be key items as well. A compass, cell phone, GPS unit, and special weather equipment can also be important items for certain hunting situations. The important thing is to plan ahead and think about all aspects of the hunt before you leave home; Such planning will make any hunt a more enjoyable and safer experience.

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