” Blue-Printing” a Walther LGV ©

In "gun-speak" blueprinting an action is understood as the modifications/alterations that make that action fit the specified dimensions of the design.In this entry, we will use the verb as meaning that we are returning the rifle, as much as possible, to the "as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN issued" state.It ...

A good unintended coincidence ©

PREAMBLESome weeks ago, a friend posted in a forum the difficulties he was having with an HW barrel in 0.20" cal.I really do not know much about those barrels having used only one in my work and finding that the barrel I got had no choke. After the fact, it was noted that barrel blanks sold by HW ...

How can I get a hunting license?

How can I get a hunting license? Obtaining a hunting license is one of the most important steps that every lover of shooting with a compressed air rifle can take, and it is something that must be taken very seriously, because a hunting license entails a commitment and a responsibility both ...

How to choose the best hunting binoculars?

We must take into account several factors when purchasing a binocular, for example, the higher the magnification in a hunting binocular, the more they weigh. If you think your binoculars should have a good magnification maybe you should consider whether you need a stand or a tripod. Although, ...

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This mode of hunting consists of chasing animals that are cataloged as such, in the US, for example, we can consider animals such as deer, fallow deer, wild boar, wild goat, among others, some add the wolf and the bear. But we must take into account that each state, province, municipality or ...

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