Best Air Rifle, S510 Ultimate Sporter Air Arms

The Air Arms brand we know well, it comes from and has an unrivaled heritage of concept, creation and production of field shooting rifles match winners and world class athletes So it was to be expected and even inevitable that the best characteristics of these high-end and far superior airguns ...

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S510 Rifle, AIRGUN OF THE YEAR, 2020 Great British Shooting Awards

The big brother of the 400 series is now Britain's best rifle of the year 2020. They have combined all the best of the 400 series in this model, the silent precision is the most relevant in its characteristics. It has an impressive side loading system that smoothly carries each pellet into ...

Best Air Rifle, S410 Air Arms.

Last year, 2020, was a tough year for everyone, but fans and professionals of air rifles and the small game were so comfortable that they even decided which were the best air rifle models for the season. . One of the favorites, of course, is the Air Arms S410 is the classic, pre-charged ...

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Making a DIANA 460 for Metal Sights

After more than 10 years after its introduction, the DIANA 460 has already become a "Classic".No other gun displays the power, the accuracy and the elegance of this svelte lady.22-24 ft-lbs yields are the norm, and accuracies well within minute of rabbit 😉 at 70 yards are not uncommon.So, when a ...

The Weihrauch HW100 Air Rifle, a modern rifle but built like a classic.

We have often talked about modern airguns, made of polymers and composites, that reach enormous speeds and with ultra-sophisticated sights. But we have said little in recent times about classic air rifles, those that never go out of style because their capabilities can seldom be surpassed ...

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