California Iguana Hunting Tours!

South Florida is known for many things, clear waters, warm weather, and great nightlife. Therefore a vacation heaven. A new and popular activity that is causing a splash nationwide is Florida iguana hunting tours! South Florida is becoming more and more infested, day by day with the invasive green ...

The sport of shooting with compressed air

The sport of shooting with compressed air, Olympic disciplines AIR GUNIt is the only Olympic air discipline that is held with a compressed air short weapon. First it consists of a Competition Phase and then an Olympic Final, where the eight best classified of the Competition Phase compete for ...

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History of Compressed Air Guns

Getting started in the sport of air rifle shooting is synonymous with reading a bit of history on the subject, so that we can digest the theory before moving on to practice. The early history of air guns is often shrouded in mystery and is still as intriguing as any chronicle of centuries ...

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How Much Power Do They Have Airsoft

How Much Power Do They Have Airsoft Airsoft guns are designed to have a lower muzzle velocity than airguns. This might not mean much to everyone but the usually deliver less than about 1.1 ft/lb. The projectiles used also have less mass to them, so less penetrative power than your average ...

What ammunition do Airsoft pistols use?

What ammunition do Airsoft pistols use? Airsoft BBs are 6mm in diameter and are much softer than those used in airsoft guns. They are usually made of plastic and can have different weights. However, other materials are used, such as: Tracer Pellets: BBs that glow in the dark. These are used ...

Airsoft Gun and its legal use in US

Airsoft Gun and its legal use What is an Airsoft gun? An airsoft gun is a real-looking weapon that can be used for sport. They have quite a low power output and shoot non-metallic ball bearings (BBs) through a smooth bore. These BBs are usually made of plastic, but some other materials can ...

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