Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom, Best Air Rifles

The Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom is a compressed air rifle backed by a big manufacturer, so the initial impression is that we are going to find a compressed air gun with a great finish and excellent materials. Constructed of synthetic material, it features a two-stage adjustable trigger integrated ...

Gamo Magnum review, Air Rifles for Small Game

Gamo Magnum.. If a compressed air rifle is the most used for piston shooting, that one is named after the Gamo Magnum, there is no other that comes close in rates among amateurs and professionals of the small game. It has two different caliber options and 2-stage trigger adjustment which makes ...

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A single for the MSP& #039; s fans

I still remember my GrandPa telling tales of how he would pump his airgun 7 times and then "aim straight at the eye" of doves to get dinner. I was 5 at the time, and in his stories, he was 10.He was born in a large (as in thousands of acres and an island included) ranch in the Tamaulipas/Veracruz ...

Mandarins to Oranges

5/26/2020 2 Comments INTRODUCTIONMost of you will know me as a "Science guy" and, yes, I guess I am more than a common NERD.But life and experience have taught me that there is a lot of worthwhile knowledge to be gained from just listening to the users. Especially if the users are experienced ...

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