6/12/2024 0 Comments DISCLAIMERS:1.- ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LAW! Shooting at night-time produces very different perceptions in different parts of the country and the world, so, make sure you are well aware of your laws and that you are not infringing on anyone ...


5/16/2024 0 Comments When is a gun finished? As a gunsmith I would have to declare that the project is finished when the scope of work agreed to with the customer has been achieved. OR, when the budget runs out.I've handled projects under BOTH mechanisms ...

DIANA’s air guns, reviews and features

Diana is a well-established German air gun manufacturer offering a variety of air pistols for all skill levels. Their air pistols come in different power options (PCP or break barrel) and calibers (.177 or .22), with iron sights and the option to mount a scope. They also feature a customizable ...

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