Tips for newbies, What are the parts of an Air Rifle?

The main piece or accessory to go hunting is obviously the compressed air rifle. Knowing its parts will make us maintain it up to date, and we have talked about it in previous articles, you can read our article on the Maintenance of the rifle and hunting accessories when we are not in hunting ...

How to maintain hunting equipment out of season.

How to maintain hunting equipment out of season. Hunting equipment must be properly maintained so that its durability is extended as much as possible, and even more so if our equipment has cost us a lot of time and money to complete it. For us there are two types of maintenance. ...

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What Types of Airgun Can I Buy?

Spring-Piston: They are the most common and simple type of compressed air gun that exist on the market, they work with a spring and a piston. The 'break barrel' action is when the barrel of the gun is broken or leveled back, this cocks the gun by compressing the spring. Gas : These ...

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How to choose the best thermal monocular.

The most important factor is Scope and focus: The scope and focus of the apparatus are two essential factors to consider, since they constitute one of the main differences between cheap thermal monoculars and those with higher prices. Both the scope and the focus will provide a lot of ...

Tips to improve your aim with a compressed air rifle

Airgun shooting is one of the most difficult shooting exercises in the hunting world. It is mainly complicated by two fundamental factors, the speed of the shooting maneuver and the moving target. SOURCE.PIXABAY In small game hunting, we don't have too much reaction time either, so ...

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Air Rifle Hunter
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