The importance of the dominant Eye in our aim

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The importance of the dominant Eye in our aim .The predominance of one hemisphere of the human brain to activities and the other hemisphere marks others in many ways our lives. Many People use their right arm more than their left arm.

The same happens with sight, we have an eye with greater predominance tan the other for certain activities, among them La Puntería.

Manual dominance:

This dominance is based on the use of the right hand to make more functions that with the left hand, such as throwing a ball, write, open a door, even being left-handed maybe we will do some of these activities with the right hand.

Podal predominance:

When we talk about the dominant foot we talk about the predominance of the foot, and is that when we start walking or walking with the right foot or left foot,  we push ourselves to jump, we kick a ball, with one foot mostly that with the other we are in the presence of the foot dominance of that foot on the other foot.

There are dominances that we rarely see spoken about, such is the case of the auditory dominance and visual dominance. To have a good aim it takes practice and strategy how we have seen in previous articles, regarding visual dominance the implications start with the genetics of the inviduous, they talk about the beginning of the laterality of the brain, being that the control of visual dominance affects human learning and hence the great importance of it.

Many experts talk about when one eye rests the other Works.

This means in other words that while one marks the path to follow the another follows, and this is very important.

Do we know each brain hemisphere has different functions and it they also connect differently with the central nervous system, let’s to see something about this.

The left hemisphere is responsible for sequencing the information that is perceives from the outside, uses rationing and is the one that serves for learning.

The right hemisphere is responsible for processing the images and the posture of the body, the spatial location with respect to the environment and its connection with the sensation of body position, this hemisphere is the one that helps to make physical actions.

Even with all this, some people are not right or left handed, some may be good in both positions.

 When we hold the gun in our hand right and we point how left-handed, we are driving how a laterality crusade.

At least 30% of people can access cross laterality.

When we practice the sport of shooting, laterality goes much further, because it applies to body structures such as men, the waist and the dominant leg.

How do we discover our dominant eye to aim better?

To achieve this, we can do this exercise:

Step 1: We extend our arms forward.

Step 2: We put the palms of our hands together and form a triangle with palms overlapping thumbs.

Step 3: We align our head with the triangle and point to some object.

Step 4: Without moving, we alternately close one eye and the other, our dominant eye will hold the object we look at in place and the serving eye add-on will lose it.

Step 5: Then to confirm, we bring the palms to our open eyes and we look at which eye the palm gets closer, that’s our eye dominant.

Tip: Cross laterality is not ideal for the sport of shooting.

Bonus Tip: when we use a long gun, in this case an air rifle compressed, the idea is to modify our position and align the body with the dominant eye, another option is to cover the dominant eye with a screen Translucent to give relevance to the complementary eye.


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