Tips for newbies, What are the parts of an Air Rifle?

The main piece or accessory to go hunting is obviously the compressed air rifle. Knowing its parts will make us maintain it up to date, and we have talked about it in previous articles, you can read our article on the Maintenance of the rifle and hunting accessories when we are not in hunting season.

To learn about the structure of a rifle we must understand the following very well, a rifle is a firearm, even when it is a compressed air rifle it must be carried with care, the rifle allows to propel an ammunition at high speed through a cannon, mainly propelled from the expansion of gas in compressed air rifles and in traditional rifles by combustion.

Knowing this we can differentiate three sections in the mechanism of a rifle:

  • To drive mechanisms
  • The Canon
  • The butt

Mechanism of action or charge

In this part of the rifle are all the systems that are responsible for the ammunition being fired. It corresponds to the central part of the weapon, it is really where there is less space, but where more mechanisms are found.

What types of shotguns are there
Charger: It is a cartridge in which the ammunition that will be loaded in the chamber is inserted. There are them as removable containers and also inserted into the stock itself.

Latch lock: It is a mechanical appendage whose function is to prevent unwanted shots. It serves to maintain safety in the use of the rifle, since if it is on, it will prevent the weapon from firing. It should be used as a precaution.

Bolt: This is a metal piece that closes the chamber compartment by inserting a cartridge inside. It also contains the hammer that is responsible for activating the weapon.

Guard of the trigger. This is a ring that surrounds the trigger to prevent it from being fired accidentally.

Trigger: Small metal lever used to activate the operation of the weapon. The loaded ammunition (the cartridge or the bullet) will be fired.

The Canyon

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This part is the longest part of the gun and the furthest from the hunter when shooting. It is less complex than the rest of the weapon, but just as important, and it is convenient to know well the involvement of its parts in the operation of the weapon.

Chamber: It is located at the beginning of the barrel, at the limit with the action part. Holds ammunition cartridge to be fired.

Retro Camera: It is called the recoil of the weapon where the bolt moves backwards to expel the cartridge and again forwards to load the next one.
Bore of the cannon: It is known as the interior of the cannon through which the fired ammunition will move.

Muzzle: The front end of the barrel, the opening through which bullets will exit. It is the end of the rifle butt.
Sight: It can be one or several, it is a small piece on the barrel of the rifle that allows the shooter to align the barrel with the sight to achieve precision in his shot.

The Butt


The buttstock is the rear of the rifle, but it is also considered to go all the way to the bottom of the barrel. Since the rest of the mechanisms are already named and explained, we will focus on the ones at the rear of the weapon.

Handle: It is the part by which the rifle will be held. It usually has a rougher surface to improve grip, but it depends on the type of rifle.

Buttplate: It is the end of the stock, the most anterior part of the rifle and closest to the shooter. It sits over the shoulder, so you can sometimes count on padding to soften recoil.

Crest: Depends on the rifle model, some have a crest on the stock. This is just a bend in the shape of the stock to aid grip. It is therefore followed by a drop in the crest to match the structure to the height of the rest of the rifle.

Caring for rifle parts
To properly clean a rifle (and any hunting weapon) certain considerations must be taken into account. First of all, take precautions such as disarming the gun, keeping the safety on, or never pointing it at yourself.

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