Tips to improve aim: The Gun, The Eye and the Hands

Tips to improve aim. A fundamental premise in the practice of shooting with an air rifle is the following:

If you want good results, you must repeat the actions correctly all the time.

This is based on the fact that the attitudes achieved with the learning that have resulted with practice, must be repeated equally every time you go on hunts so that they become part of your basic strategies and over time become part of you. automatic. The good thing, twice better ..

Standing upright, erect the body, the pressure in each part of the weapon, in a soft way, like in the trigger, in others in a solid way, such as in the base of the barrel and the stock, determine, together with other strategies, the experience that helps you hone your technique.

Aiming, a challenge

In successive opportunities we will talk about the Dominant Eye, but in this article we will focus on the weapon and two other important points. Aiming is not just a word or an action to be done once, it is a system of steps that we must develop over time that allows us to impact in the right place. Each movement that we make with our body in conjunction with the weapon is part of that system of steps that we call “aim”. A slight change in any of them will affect the aim and the final result will be different from that required.

In summary, we must do the following:

  • Hold the gun steady
  • Keep the sights aligned
  • Control the Trigger

The weapon

Remember to manipulate the weapon always thinking that it is loaded in this way we will create the habit of always using it safely. We must always make it the same, until we feel comfortable with the compressed air weapon that we have chosen for our sport. It is important that when we take it and load it, we mentally register that position and then it is automatic for us to take it the same. This position must be chosen according to the weight and shape of the compressed air weapon we have.

Maybe this would make us wonder .. And I can’t use another hunter’s weapon? Well, no..

What is this for:

  • A good position when carrying the weapon allows us to make repetitions easily.
  • A good position helps us maintain stability
  • A good position allows us to move quickly and quietly.
  • A good position will ensure that over time we apply adequate pressure to each part of the weapon.

The Hands

Always, we must exert the same pressure on each part of the weapon, that is why we previously talked about the good position and that the body remembers that position when taking and carrying the weapon. It is important to note that the support hand must be in one place from the middle of the gun forward. The support should be done with the palm of the hand and possibly between the index finger and the thumb.

How to learn to shoot a compressed air rifle

The other hand, the one that fires, must go around the grip and let the first phalanx of the index finger touch the trigger and make sure that finger never touches the butt. This finger is very important, in practice you should never touch any other part of the weapon except the trigger, and only with the tip of the finger, the first phalanx make a smooth movement of pressure on the trigger when you are sure to make the shot. Always in the same direction of the pipe, not tilted or from top to bottom, it must follow the curve of the routed trigger with the sights and the barrel.

Tip: This finger should only appear before the trigger when we start the breathing phase prior to firing.

It must be naturally upright, avoiding inclinations to prevent both the imbalance of the body, alterations in the points of contact with the weapon and the pressures that we exert on them, such as visual distortions – parallax errors if the aiming system is optical.

In this position, the head awaits the contact of the weapon with the shoulder and when it makes contact, the cheek is naturally positioned in the stock.

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