Review of Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW .177

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I am out of my depth on this one. In order to give the best review I can, I really have to understand what a particular weapon is

actually designed for, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would want an Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW, .177.

It’s not a hunting rifle, and those who will shout “self defense” should tell me how they intend to defend themselves with a BB gun when they have to be inside 10 feet of their attacker to have a decent chance of actually hitting them. But let’s assume that this is for home defense for the purposes of this review, with maybe some target shooting as well.


I’m going to start by giving Umarex credit for some excellent construction on this gun. It is made of a combination of metal and hard plastic and generally does a good job of using the materials appropriately. The magazine, for example, is made of metal, and the release plastic, and these work well together.

Speaking of magazines, there is something satisfying about inserting a mag with 40 BBs in it into the gun and getting ready to fire. It’s an element of fantasy that a lot of people don’t get. While it, and the weight of the gun itself, doesn’t stand up to the real deal, it’s not a bad simulation of reality and can be fun.

However, there are a few places where the construction doesn’t seem to work. For example, the stock is pretty nice on its own, but if I wanted to change it out I wouldn’t be able to since it contains the screw that keeps the CO2 cartridge in. Getting the CO2 in is a bit of a pain in and of itself, mostly because it’s pretty clear Umarex wanted to maintain the look of the MP5. I much prefer the look and feel of the?Winchester Model M 14, myself, and think it addresses these issues nicely.

Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW, .177


The accuracy is not bad at extremely close ranges, but get out more than 10 feet and you’re going to start getting less and less accurate. Of course, the gun is not a rifle, so this is not unexpected. Probably only good for some close-range plinking on a Saturday afternoon. The weapon?s rear sight is not only a bit strange and nothing like the MP5, but by some reports wobbles. This is true even from just firing it, since the kickback is pretty bad for an air gun.

The semi-automatic feature is nice and I suppose pretty convenient since you’ll need multiple shots to be able to hit a home invader. Still, there is something to be said for being able to shoot multiple rounds at a target without having to stop and cock the gun again.


Pretty good construction and excellent use of materials. Nice and heavy, unlikely to fall apart easily. It shoots pretty well at close range, and the semi-automatic feature combined with the magazine feels very realistic and can be a lot of fun.


Utterly useless for hunting and self defense. If you get close enough to an attacker to get a decent shot off with this, you’re also close enough to get shot yourself. Or stabbed. Or hurt in some way because even if you’re that close and get a shot off that hits, it’s still a BB gun and your attacker probably won’t be stopped in their tracks so much as mildly annoyed.

Beyond that, the CO2 cartridge is in a strange spot and you can’t switch out the stock if you wanted to because it holds the cartridge in.

The Bottom Line

If you want a cool looking air gun, and only need it for short range plinking, this unit fits the bill. But don?t use an air gun for self defense. It won’t work. Just don’t do it.

The best advice I can give you in this review is to really think about what you want it for. If it’s for distance-target shooting, this will be pretty useless to you. If it’s for hunting, you’re not going to bag anything. If it’s for pest control, you’d best be prepared to sneak right up on them. If it’s for standing in your back yard pretending to be John McLean from the?Die Hard?movies…yeah, you can use it for that. We all have things we do just for fun, and this can be one of them for you. But if you’re expecting precision performance of any sort, keep looking.


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