Caliber and Pellets used in Compressed Air Rifles, which one to choose?

Caliber and Pellets used in Compressed Air Rifles, which one to choose?

Although we have previously talked about the best features that a compressed air rifle must have in order to choose it as a tool for small game hunting, pellets are something extremely important as well.

While the choice of the compressed air rifle is important, we assume that 50% of the final choice must be defined by the type and caliber of the pellet to be used.

Caliber .177 / 4.5mm

This has been for decades the most common caliber in use and most popular among fans of small game. The pellets are very cheap, so we can buy thousands to practice before going to work. This caliber is good for small game but how everything has its limitations,

This pellet has a weight that goes from 7 to 20 grains, the most common can be found in stores between 8 to 10.5 grains, these are the ones that are most effective in hunting.

Pros: You can shoot at a high speed that means a flat trajectory of the pellet.

Cons: The low weight makes the wind a difficult barrier over long distances.

Caliber .22 / 5.5mm

This caliber has been preferred for years, nowadays it is as popular as the .177. This caliber has a weight that ranges between 14 and 30 Grains.

Pros: The greater weight and diameter make it have a better displacement and better blow in the animal, in addition to being able to set the wind to achieve greater distance.

Caliber .20 / 5 mm

It seems unusual, but this caliber that has the best features of the two calibrators previously mentioned, is the least used.

Pros: Good flat trajectory like .177 and the power of .22

Cons: It is difficult to find a .20 caliber compressed air rifle, much less pellets.

Caliber .25 / 6.35mm

For a few years now, this .25 caliber has had an increase in the preference of small game fans. And it is that the pellet of this caliber ranges from 19.61 grains to 43 grains, with an average use among compressed air rifle models of around 25 grains.

Pros: Great ballistic coefficient, great power.

Cons: It is difficult to get this caliber in stores, although manufacturers launch lots of this caliber are always small batches.


It is important to always follow the recommendations that we have previously given when choosing a compressed air rifle, all this goes through the budget we have designated for this sport, the availability of pellets, the type of animal we want to hunt or what pests we want control.

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