How to choose the best compressed air rifle

Choosing the best compressed air rifle is quite difficult, since there is one for each person. Everyone feels better with one or another option of each rifle model so to affirm in an article, which is the best rifle is, if not difficult, practically impossible. But, if we can give recommendations to choose a rifle with which we are comfortable.

As we all know a compressed air rifle is used to practice target shooting, group shooting games, control pests and even the hunting of small animals, considering this, we cannot think of demanding a much more compressed air rifle of the level that the line of the same can give us. They are for what they are and even there.

Tips to make a good choice

a.- The Use

The first premise to take into account is the use that we are going to give the compressed air rifle. Maybe, let’s say that for everything, ok, no problem, we can choose one that has a good range of action, which also serves to control pests to practice shooting. But here we must stop and take into account the following: Each rifle is designed for a specific use.

b.- The distance

The next characteristic that we must take into account when buying a compressed air rifle, after marking on our wish list, so that we will use it, is the distance at which we will be comfortable shooting with the rifle, For this there are three categories.

1.- Light weapons

2.- Medium range weapons

3-. Magnum weapons

Gamo Magnum

Light weapons are used to fire at less than 30 meters, medium-range weapons are used to fire at distances of 40 meters, but they reach up to 65 meters, finally Magnum-type weapons range from 65 meters onwards, so that if we are going to use a multi-task rifle, a medium-range weapon would be fine for most cases. But if ours is small game, a Magnum weapon must be the choice.

So far the two main factors for the selection of the weapon, but if we go to the most specific we must also take into account the following. And it is that the rifles of compressed air are also located in categories:

PCP Category:

High cost, but high precision. These are the words that define this category, they serve several shots at once, they tend to leak in the recharge.

Spring Category:

They are the cheapest but the least accurate. Without precision, neither outside the shot, nor telescopic sight, the user has only one rifle and the pellets are of entry range for fans.

CO2 category:

Being its CO2 actuator, the recharging gas entails an additional expense, additionally it must be used with an optimum temperature to be able to shoot, due to the use of the gas, its accuracy is good, very similar to those of PCP.

Nitro Piston Category:

Quite reliable in power and precision. They are heavy, similar in performance to those of PCP, are used for small game.

For all the above, we already have what it takes to start the choice of a compressed air rifle, whether for fun or to go hunting small prey. Do you already have the choice? You can see some very interesting rifles by clicking here. We recommend reading our article: What is the best compressed air rifle

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