Pellet guns for hunting with the best quality / price ratio

If you have decided to invest a certain budget in a pellet guns or pellet rifle, be it a gun or an air rifle that shoots pellets, then you have reached the appropriate initial guide to choose the weapon you need.

Either option, both the pellet guns and the air rifle, you will not only want, you will need the weapon that gives you the most power according to your budget money.

The reason is very simple, with good power, your small game itinerary is guaranteed to return with prey, obtaining a positive result.

First steps

We have previously indicated that the first step in choosing a compressed air gun is very simple, it is about answering the following question:

What is it going to be used for?

Depending on the use that you are going to give it, we recommend reading our previous article about it, when answering the question mentioned here, then you can go in the right direction, selecting the best caliber and model that your budget can pay.

The vast majority of people use pellet guns for shooting sport or small game, so the models for these options are well defined.

Although, as we have said before, all models are not the same nor are they built in the same way, in general, there is not much difference at first sight between a shotgun and a compressed air gun.

Tip 1: Remember that acquiring a shotgun does not only mean buying an object, it also acquires the responsibility of carrying a weapon so you must assume it from the first moment you own it.

Tip 2: Before buying a weapon in a physical store, you should at least review the local legislation in this regard, to determine if you can purchase it, in case you want to buy it online the store may have restrictions on your code Postal.

Tip 3: You must learn to properly clean and store your weapon in order to give it a better life.

Tip 4: Shotguns or air rifles, although in some cases they are used for sports and entertainment, you should be careful when using them because they can accidentally kill an animal or seriously injure a person.

Tip 5: You should always read the user manuals that come in the boxes of the items you buy, so that the manufacturer’s warnings, which has invested time in research and development of the weapon you are buying, are useful for you .

Now the pellet gun recommendations


 A good, somewhat heavy weapon, built in metal and wood, with ergonomic design. Its rear and front sights are adjustable, with good images to make the shots.

  • Shooting speed: 750 feet per second
  • Application range: varied
  • Canyon: Fixed
  • Actuator: Load Lever
CRUSADER BREAK BARREL 177,Pellet guns for hunting with the best quality / price ratio


The barrel of this weapon is made of steel with composite or synthetic material, it allows to act in almost any type of weather. Its use is quite general so this medium range option in cost may be perhaps the best option.

  • Caliber: .117
  • Shooting speed: 625 feet per second
  • Actuator: CO2
  • Type: Semiautomatic
ROSMAN 1077 REPEATAIR,Pellet guns for hunting with the best quality / price ratio


If we want to level up a little, without getting out of general-purpose weapons, but gaining power and range of fire, this model is the one. It is made of carbon fiber and has an adjustable cheek.

  • Shooting range: adjustable
  • It works for left and right handed shooters.

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