Tips to achieve successful shots in small bird hunting.

Tips to achieve successful shots in small bird hunting.

Mostly hunters have something in common when it comes to missing their shots in small game. Some fail with a low shot others anticipate the target and unfortunately the prey flees.

The worst is when we only have one shot for the type of compressed air gun we use, we are wasting time between losing looking for a dam and failing, and looking for another dam with which if we continue to have bad aim we will continue to fail.

In general there are two situations for which we continually fail when we go hunting, we will see them and talk a little about them, so that we try not to make those mistakes again and return to our home happy to always hit the mark.

First, when we aim, the majority lowers the gun of compressed air a little to be able to see what we are aiming at, this makes the shot come creeping before the dam and we die .. of course we all want to see what we are going to give but if we do this we will fail many times ..

The other situation happens when, by instinct, we handle the compressed air gun as if we were throwing a stone and try to take it far beyond where the dam is or we aim directly at the dam thinking that we will give it, well no, this way we What it does is make our prey go by making a rear shot.

To calculate in advance and displacement the tip of the weapon that we are using in the direction where our hunting piece will happen is quite difficult, but in general these two situations that we describe are the ones that most affect our performance as a hunter. Now, if we manage to combine these two situations described here, aim and shoot firmly, flush and ahead of the dam, we will achieve better shots.

Minor Bird Hunting and Peak Shots

When ours are small birds, how do you miss them, and we shoot them when they fly, we must observe their beak, and track their flight line with a vertical trajectory from the bottom up, so that our movement to aim follows that line, then we must press gently and accurately the trigger after the pipe covers the bird we are aiming at.

Hunting Small birds with ascending and descending shots.

You should always keep in mind that being a vertical trajectory of approaching the bird, you should only pull the trigger when the pipe or the cannons (if you are using a shotgun) are positioned on the bird, otherwise you will not be able to hit it. If it fails it would be a shot below, we have already talked about it in this article.
When firing in horizontal but ascending paths, the bird must be aimed a little behind so that our shot is not low, so that our sight goes towards the slope of the flight of the dam.

Hunting Birds in descending paths.

If we believe that our opportunity to give the bird occurs when it comes on a downward path, we will be clear at this point, they are few and anyone with a minimum of experience knows it.

Good hunt..

But sometimes the birds swoop in or the wind moves them too much to change course or use some escape technique to dodge our shots.
When this happens, it is the only time we must aim ahead of the dam.

And what happens if the bird returns in the same direction of the shot?

In this situation we can not follow her down the slope of his return, we just have to squeeze the butt of the weapon well and focus on its silhouette for this bird hunting.

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