Red Ryder BB Gun, the best known and oldest compressed air gun

Red Ryder: Ride, Ryder, Ride!

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Daisy Camo Lever Action Big Loop

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  • Model 1999 Lever Action Carbine dressed in fine camoflauge.
  • .177 Caliber BB Gun.
  • Oversized loop lever.
  • 350 feet per second velocity
  • Camo wood stock and forearm.

Daisy's Red Ryder Gun Book

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Perhaps the oldest and best-known American manufacturer of guns and rifles of compressed air is Daisy Outdoor Products better known as Daisy. The company has been operating since 1882 and although in its early years it was building steel mills and subsequently began manufacturing the compressed air weapons that are already part of the history of weapons in the United States of America, its manufacturing of weapons is a historical legacy.

Its best known product is the one we are going to present and describe today, the Red Ryder BB Gun.

The Ryder BB Gun Red is the most popular and well-known BB weapon in the world. It was used in so many films at the beginning of the 20th century that its characteristic shape and color has been impregnated in the minds of both moviegoers and fans of shooting with compressed air guns.
The model that is currently sold is the so-called 1938, although its presentation for mass sale was in 1940. We could say that the Red Ryder BB Gun is a legendary weapon.

The traditional design of this weapon that has been tested for so many generations makes it highly reliable for the use of even young adults supervised. It is the beginner’s favorite compressed air gun in the sport of shooting.

It is made of masisa wood with a classic style of the old American West, next to the stock carries the well-known Lariat logo. Its steel cannon is of smooth anima. The load-acting spring can propel ammunition at about 350 feet per second with an accurate shooting distance of up to 195 yards and has a capacity of 650 shots. It serves for fans and those who want to start in the art of shooting sport with compressed air guns.

Daisy Youth AirRifle Red Ryder 1938:
• Action: lever cocking; spring air
• Caliber: .177 (4.5mm) BB
• Sights: blade and ramp front, adjustable open rear
• Stock / forearm: stained solid wood with Lariat logo and burnished forearm band
• Receiver: stamped metal
• Saddle ring: leather thong
• Safety: cross bolt trigger block
• Capacity: 650 shot
• Muzzle velocity: 280 fps
• Barrel: smooth bore steel
• Length: 35.4 “
• Max shot distance: 195 yd
• Model # 1938
• This Daisy BB gun is available in 3 wood finishes

The Red Ryder 1938 model, popularized by the Christmas Story movie, in which the protagonist, Ralphie, a young man whose greatest desire is for Santa Claus to bring him a BB Red Ryder pistol. Now this is your chance to own your own model of the Daisy Red Ryder 1938 BB weapon.

Red Ryder 1938 model,

The world’s most popular BB gun stays true to its original roots. With a forearm and a solid wood stock, a lariat ring and a leather thong, the Red Ryder of today is the vivid image of what was appreciated by young people who grew up in the 1940s. The Daisy Red Ryder is recommended for ages 10 and older with adult supervision.

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