Tips to achieve a professional shooting technique.

A precision shot always requires a skill that is only achieved with practice time, it will be of no use to go out to practice our favorite sport of small game if we do not have the operability and skill in the use of our compressed air rifle.

To achieve this we must take into account;

The position we take when shooting, this is very important because we must place our feet correctly, have a stable base of support so as not to transfer our swing to the weapon is something fundamental. This is one of the most important points to fine tune our shooting technique.

The handle

Correctly handle the rifle, this must be something very firm and consistent with each weapon we use, we must make sure to absorb the recoil of the weapon naturally, for compressed air rifles with low power there should not be much problem but when the weapon’s power go up we must be sure to do it well so that the shot does not deviate.

We must always remember the rule of the wrist / elbow / shoulder.

The breathing

A well-oxygenated breath is the most appropriate and important to not get tired, remember that many times we must wait a long time until the correct piece appears and we can make the correct shot. Concentrating on our breathing, feeling the rhythm and coordinating our muscles will lead us to be synchronized when making the most successful shot possible.

The Shoot

At the moment of truth, when the sights are aligned, the wind is in favor, we breathe correctly and we are solid but relaxed, we must press firmly but gently the trigger, and according to the weapon we are using we only have one shot possible before we have to recharge.


After each shot, and even more when we are starting the sport of small game with compressed air rifles, we must learn from each step we have taken. A good continuation of the shot when available according to the weapon we use is something that serves to evaluate the results of everything we have learned at the time. Once the physical parameters are set, we also have to see the psychophysical parameters and mechanisms, which are what the shooter will live with during his practice and training.

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