Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air: Good Gun, Misleading Name

In order to do this review honestly, it’s important that I do try to focus on the best that the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air has to offer, and I’m going to try, but there is a huge elephant in the room that really ought to be dealt with first. Normally, this would be a footnote to the review, a passing mention of something marginally unimportant, but the unfortunate naming scheme of the rifle makes it a little hard to ignore. So let’s get that out of the way first.

Gamo .177 Air Rifle

Gamo .177 Air Rifle

It’s Loud
Despite the “Whisper” in the name, this particular air rifle is very, very loud. Some people have reported that it’s as loud as their .22s, which can be pretty ear splitting. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but quite a few people have felt that the name implies ‘quiet’ when it clearly isn’t, and this amounts to a social if not legal form of false advertising. Now that we know that it is not quiet, it is in fact loud, and we can discuss its other attributes which, actually, are pretty amazing.

Fantastic Scope

Perhaps the best aspect of this rifle, and the one you’ll notice first out of the box, is that the factory scope is pretty amazing on it. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s solid, easy to mount, and really does give an accurate view of the field in front of you. It is arguably one of the finest factory scopes that you can get on a commercial rifle, which is saying a lot considering the options out there. It’s easy to mount, easy to adjust, and has great clarity.


Another aspect of this gun that I cannot fault it on is accuracy. One report has a shooter knocking the head out of a dime from 25 feet, then hitting the same hole again at 15-20 feet. Considering the scope and the power behind the rifle, I honestly don’t doubt it. There is a bit of a drop at the very end of the shot, but it’s pretty consistent and not that difficult to compensate for. After a few shots, it should become pretty natural.

One thing that is particularly impressive about this rifle, though, is that the accuracy remains consistent regardless of the ammo. Even trying a number of different types of pellet, it still fired pretty much the same, which isn’t always the case.

Breaking and Loading

One thing that you will likely notice about this particular rifle is that all of the mechanisms are pretty stiff. Whether you’re breaking the rifle, cocking it, or even pulling the trigger, you’ll see that it requires quite a bit of strength in order to accomplish this. I’m not sure whether this is a point in its favor or not, and that may depend on your specific situation. If you have children in the house and are afraid that they’ll get a hold of your rifle and try to use it when you’re not around, this may be a really fantastic safety feature since they likely won’t have the strength to cock or fire. On the other hand, this could be incredibly annoying if you want to use it yourself and have to fight to just get a shot off. I wouldn’t call it prohibitively difficult, but it is something to be noted.


  • Excellent factory scope
  • Great accuracy
  • Stiff mechanics (if that aspect of safety is a concern)


  • Very loud
  • Stiff (if you’re unconcerned about the added safety of making it harder to shoot)

This is actually a really good rifle. Were it not for the name, most people would probably only mention the loudness in passing, and if that’s not something that concerns you, then it’s no big deal. If it is, you might want to consider the Gamo Whisper Fusion .177, which sounds a bit loud while firing, but is much quieter when you step back. Despite that it’s really accurate, has a great scope, and is very solidly built.


  1. Horrible customer support and product quality control. I purchased a Gamo Whisper fusion pro from an authorized retailer (chain store) and when i got the rifle home and started using it I noticed it was very loud, louder than my .22LR. So i figured ok it is a high powered air rifle with a silencer that boasts 98.5% quieter right on the box. After inspection i noticed something hanging down into the barrel about 1″ down. I figured a cleaning should take of that… That was my first problem.

    Second problem was the shot grouping was all over the place at 25 yards. I purchased an official Gamo USA cleaning kit for the 177 cal and did a good cleaning on it. What was previously hanging in the barrel was still there. Shot again and had the same results. Gave the product the benefit of the doubt and did some reading on the message boards and found to try different pellets. So i purchase about 12 different types of pellets in the caliber for the rifle. spent the next 2-3 weeks testing all the different pellets. Same results, some did have tighter groups by by no means anything remotely accurate esp at 25 yards.

    So i figured i have done everything i could to get this rifle to shoot. I decide to call Gamo for them to look at their rifle and address the issues. That turned into my third problem. The support staff was very robotic and unhelpful. Their response was to send the rifle in to them and i was to pay shipping the rifle to them and then send 10$ for return shipping. After asking them why should i pay for shipping to and from you guys when the product was not in working condition when i purchased it. Remind you the rifle was 34 days old for purchase. They said they warranty the product but not shipping. I could see if this was a rifle that worked fine from the beginning and it was a year old and now all of sudden i had problems. I would be 100% fine paying for shipping.

    So I asked to speak with a manager which yielded the same results. I was to pay for shipping and he would throw in some free pellets. Just like any other hard working person I said I don’t want free pellets I just want the product that I bought to work the way it’s advertised. The supervisor did not want to offer any other solution other than having their defective product cost me more money to get them to put it in proper working order.

    Very frustrated I got off the phone and took the Gamo back to where i bought it and picked up a different brand with similar features and have yet to have a problem and am now happier.

    Would I ever buy a Gamo, no. Would i recommend a Gamo, no. Based purely on customer service and product support. I was ok with the rifle not working, we all make mistakes but to make a customer pay to fix their mistake just makes it clear what type of company Gamo USA is.

    • Ben, You have a Hunter S Thompson Icon, a particular point of view, and you are selling something, or you are a complete idiot since you and I bought the same gun. Personally, I would actually take your post down, because you are a paid blogger imo.

  2. I just wanted to give my experience on this rifle, and elaborate on how the review stated the air rifle’s sound as being a huge issue, but not so much for myself. I have the same air rifle, and from my experience, assume the author who used the examples of people reporting a .22lr like report from the rifle should have mentioned that they were most likely using the provided PBA pellets that were provided in the pellet rifle box. Being 5 grain pellets, the pellets travel at supersonic speeds exceeding the speed of sound. I had noticed the same issue at first, but when using 7.8 – 8 grain or heavier pellets, the velocity drops to 900 or so fps, making them subsonic. The sound dampeners and chambers did their best work at that point to effectively reduce most of the noise from the muzzle leaving mostly the sound of the IGT piston slamming into the stop point in my rifle. There are other versions of this rifle which are spring piston actuated, but the sound reducing chambers do the same in noise reduction, only difference being the physical jolt on that piston. When I was using lighter supersonic pellets, it sounded as though the sound reducing chambers still reduced just as much muzzle report, but the much greater perceived sound from the muzzle being the supersonic crack always prevailed. In my opinion the Gamo whisper fusion elite I have lives up to its claims as far as sound is concerned with subsonic pellets. On a much more important note, the provided scope was horrible. After the 6th Shot that I had taken with the rifle, I noticed the reticle started rotating counter-clockwise at a 20 degree tilt. I adjusted it on the mounts, which canted the adjustment knobs to the right and uneven. After 15 more shots, the crosshairs had rotated another 20-30 degrees. I threw it away and got a new scope. Come to find out through Web forums as well as talking to other owners, many have had the same or similar issues. As of now, I got the best grouping from 9.2 grain pellets.

  3. The scope comes from the factory with the scope ring screws loose so you can adjust the scope for YOUR PERSONAL eye relief and then tighten the screws on the scope rings. If you start shooting before tightening the scope ring screws down it will move the entire scope around and mess up your zero setting.

  4. Scope that comes with Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air is plain garbage! Don’t waste your time with it. I bought a Center Point 4×32 mm rifle scope for air guns and it is fabulous! No problems with scope since!

  5. The Gamo Wisper Fusion is loud. The Gamo Wisper Fusion PRO is not.

  6. Thank you for pointing this out. I purchased the ‘Whisper’ to take care of some ground squirrels tearing up my lawn. I bought the air gun so not to disturb the neighbors. I was shocked how loud it was and defeated a major reason for purchasing.

  7. […] other thing that is particularly nice about the Gamo Fusion is that it comes with a whole lot of power, especially for a .177 caliber. You don’t expect the pellets are going to hit as hard as they […]

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