Deer Hunting in Season how to do it ..

Deer Hunting in Season how to do it ..

The best deer stalking tips in season start with the most important and that is to ask yourself the question:

Do I have the correct hunting permit to go deer hunting?

You can read about that in our article on permits and laws.

So the best advice is: Have the permission for the hunt, then we can accept any suggestion.

The weather and the season.

Weather patterns should be checked before heading to the deer forest we have chosen to go hunting with our legal license. It is also important that the hunter knows the area that is being hunted.

Knowing the terrain where we are going to hunt.

Knowledge of terrain and wind patterns is also critical to deer stalking. Perhaps the best advice when stalking deer or hunting any type of game is to use safe and sound methods on every hunting trip to ensure there is another hunting trip in the future.

Strategies for hunting deer, the most effective.

When hunting and stalking deer, the weather plays a huge role in the methods used to move stealthily through the woods. In most areas, early hunting tactics can be a bit more aggressive due to the dense foliage and the natural dampening effect a green wood has on sound. Walking slowly and steadily with periodic stops to observe movement is the key to early season stalking. When possible, keeping the sun behind the hunter while walking into the wind is the best scenario in any type of stalking. Where local laws allow, wearing very green camouflage will help keep the hunter out of sight of deer.

In mid to late fall, camouflage colors should change to dark brown and gray to match the dying trees and grasses. Moving through bedding areas and the perimeter of food plots will often yield the most success when stalking deer at this time of year. Noise suppression is key, as sound is easily carried over long distances in barren woody terrain. This time of season also calls for long periods of inactivity while watching for any sign of deer in the surrounding woods. It is important that the hunter not only look for deer, but visually scan the area for deer parts peeking through the foliage, such as ears, backs, antlers, and tails.

What are the most effective days to hunt deer.

Windy fall days are perfect for stalking deer in standing crops and corn. The wind rustling through the crops will help muffle and disguise any sounds the hunter might make. The hunter’s scent is also dispersed through the wind, making the deer’s most valuable weapon, its nose, a non-factor.

Late fall and early winter also bring routine deer stalking into play. Males in heat often act carelessly because they have only one thing on their mind: mating. During this season, stalking deer should focus on bedding areas and travel corridors through the woods. By hunting later in the morning and early in the afternoon, the hunter’s chances are greatly increased.

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