What types of shotguns are there?

We can find a multitude of weapons to hunt, but each user will feel more comfortable with one or the other, and in addition, the weapon must adapt well to the type of hunting that is going to be carried out.
Therefore, whether you want to acquire your first weapon, or you already have several and want to add another to your collection, you must know the different types of shotguns that the market offers us. Next we group the shotguns by their barrels and their mechanisms.

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Overlapping and juxtaposing shotguns

This weapon (also known as drilling type) combines two barrels, one shotgun (smooth) and one rifle (ribbed). This allows us to use two types of cartridges, pellet and metallic, depending on what we need.

We can find it with the cannons placed vertically, which is known as an overlapping combination; or with the cannons aligned horizontally, which is what is called juxtaposed combined. We can even find shotguns with two juxtaposed smooth barrels and a central fluted one.
If you have decided on this type of shotgun, we recommend the Beretta Ultraleggero, since it is one of the lightest and most resistant, something unusual in these types of shotgun. If you are looking for a reliable and fast handling weapon, it is a great success.

Photo, Pixabay

Single shot shotgun

This type of shotgun is ideal for beginners and to learn, although it is also preferred by older hunters, because its weight is quite light. These types of shotguns usually have a fully cylindrical barrel (XXXX), or ¼ choke

Pump action shotgun

Sliding or “pump”, it is one of the most popular having appeared in many movies, and is preferred by many for its strength and reliability. However, in Spain there are those who consider it too noisy due to its mechanism. Reloading is done by sliding the handguard back.

Semi-automatic or manual shotgun

Also known as manual, this type of shotgun is capable of firing three or more cartridges consecutively. Although, contemplating the current legislation, only the use of two cartridges in the charger of semi-automatic hunting shotguns is allowed, and a third can be carried in the chamber. It is one of the best sellers on the market for its versatility and moderate recoil.

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