Tips for a successful Small Game Hunt

Bear River TPR 1300 Suppressed Hunting Air Rifle - .177 Airgun - Pellet Gun with Scope and Silencer Included

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  • PERFECT FOR SMALL GAME HUNTING - Or target shooting with high powered Break Barrel action for easy reloading and long range accuracy.
  • EXTREMELY QUIET WITH ATTACHED SUPPRESSOR - avoid spooking small game and keep noise to a minimum. You'll feel like a real sniper with a silencer!
  • USE YOUR FAVORITE .177 CALIBER PELLETS - for tons of shooting fun with plenty of power for target shooting and small game hunting.
  • ACCURATELY HIT YOUR TARGETS - Pack up to 1,300 FPS plus an 18” Rifled Steel Barrel, included 4x32 Scope with Covers.
  • INCREASED POWER - compared to other air guns thanks to Spring Piston Technology and a smooth trigger pull. Includes a 6” picatinny rail for your choice of scope or accessories.

Practice before and become agile

Small Game Hunt?..First of all you must acquire an air rifle according to your level of experience with these devices, and after you have become familiar with the weapon, you must do enough practices alone so that the handling of it is quite fluid.

Recall that these weapons are mostly one shot at a time, this implies that you must have enough agility to load and unload it to move quickly when you are performing the task of small game.

Between loading and unloading, you will always execute many movements so you must practice to always make the first shot accurately, do not worry Pellets are cheap so you can practice everything you want until you feel comfortable with your weapon .

You can make your test shots from the basement to your backyard as long as the area you are going to use is set up safely. Maybe you know someone who has vermin in their harvest like pigeons or rats and lets them practice in their field, this would be great.

Be ethical in your procedure.

Although, in some cases, your weapon, as we have mentioned above, will be used to kill vermin, these are living beings that deserve to be treated with dignity, practice enough to be accurate and clean in their shooting, so that the animals do not suffer .

Caliber use.

In general, the most used caliber is .22, but the calipers range from the fastest .177 which is also very light to .50 which with a compressed air gun could knock down a deer.

The recommendation for who starts in the small game is to use the .22 caliber since in addition to allowing a good practice round it has a good balance between speed and demolition of prey.

The rule to follow in this section is:

Small is fast and requires less demolition power, large is slow and requires greater demolition power.
Usually, ammunition for the .22 caliber is the easiest to find in stores, and calibers such as .20 or .25 are harder to find.

The Camouflage

Remember that you want to approach to take that unique, deadly and lethal shot, you must have a complete concealment with camouflage. Cover all exposed skin, including the face and hands, there are many camouflage options according to the places where you go to visit to perform your Small Game Hunt.

Move slowly, very slowly.

You must choose a good place where they go through the prey that you want to hunt, be they squirrels or rabbits, or the small fauna of the chosen site. You should always keep your eyes open and your ears attentive.

And finally in your Small Game Hunt..

Bonus tip: It is important that you have good, hunting rules and permits per day, always carry them with you so you do not have to pay fines for forgetting them in the car or at home, remember that it is a serious sport.

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