The veteran Bejamin 392, the best air rifle of all time

New as a trend, but old in experience, solidity and security to be the best shooter of the season .. many met decades ago to the veteran Bejamin 392, its manufacturer Crosman has reissued it several times. Every time it is renewed to the market, we only wait for the improvements we have always wanted, and the manufacturer does not leave us helpless in this regard.


At Christmas many, surely they received one as a gift, both young and experienced adults who remember their first Bejamin 392 caliber .22, when removed from the new and renovated box, it looks and even smells the striking and classic aspect that made it most famous compressed air rifle.

But really, besides the aspect it maintains the high quality how we met it years ago?

A single-shot rifle with great control when firing ..

The Benjamin 392 has a caliber of .22 (5.5 mm), in a single action, one shot at a time, the weapon gives you control directly over the type of pellet you are going to shoot.

It happens that this is perhaps your most appreciated classic feature, because, having a single shot, you with practice will become a better shooter every time, just having a single chance to bring down those vermin that has been bothering you Shooting technique will be increasingly accurate.

Characteristics of a large caliber weapon in a .22 rifle

In the weapons of great caliber, the guns are striated or scratched, so that the bullet to exit, rotate on its axis to be able to maintain the greatest and best possible trajectory in its range of action towards the target, this sensitizes the precision of the shot making it more effective by using features that science brings on these devices.

This is applied in this model .22 caliber .22, and great precision is achieved even with the impulse that is given by compressed air to the pellet, taking it as far as possible.

Another important characteristic is that the barrel of the pipe is made of brass, a material that does not oxidize, so that the maintenance regarding corrosion is minimal; Here we have another good feature of the Bejamin 392 .22 caliber, durability ..

The scope

The Bejamin 392 is provided with an open sight with fixed front view, its rear sight is adjustable according to the wind, being able to move left or right, and also has elevation adjustment.

All this, although some do not believe it, is included in a compressed air rifle that has been without design variations for decades, with this model thousands of fans have learned to shoot in their small game days or simply in the backyard of their House.

A bad detail is that the Bejamin 392 does not have a rail to mount a telescopic sight.

Crosman Benjamin 392 .22 Specification
Pellet Velocity:
Alloy pellet velocity :
Overall Length:
Front sight:
Scope rail:

Multi-pump pneumatic
rifled brass
up to 685 FPS
up to 800 FPS
5.5 lbs
36.75 inches
2 stages, non-adjustable
American Hardwood


  • Easy to load pellet
  • Medium velocity
  • Decent sight
  • Great knockdown power
  • Highly accurate
  • Little upkeep maintenance
  • Reasonable price
  • Multi-pump gun
  • Reliable and durable hardwood stock
  • Useful brass barrel


  • No scope rail
  • Fairly loud

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