Small Game Hunt with a air rifle, Rabbits, Doves or Squirrels

Small Game Hunt with a air rifle, Rabbits, Doves or Squirrels.

Good we have written about many tricks to achieve good aim, clean our weapon, choose the best shooting weapon and even the basics on small game in the United States, so we will talk a little about the dams that we can choose when We have learned to shoot at fixed targets and we want to move to moving targets.

Later we can talk more widely about each species and the tricks of how to hunt them effectively but today we are going to introduce ourselves just a little to go step by step and achieve the best hunting.

The rabbits.


For all hunters started with the compressed air gun, rabbits are always preferred, but it may not be a good option for the whole year, because rabbit hunting mainly occurs during the winter and depending on where you are you can see more or less rabbits on the horizon with his weapon.

Rabbits remain mainly in thick places for forests, farmland, ditches and grasslands. They look for each other at night, because it is time they go out to eat, rabbits are not stupid, unless they are in an area where the article circle is not going to appear during the day or a second. The night is your time to eat.

In addition, rabbits run too fast that you almost only have one chance to shoot, so we must remember what we have learned, making the first shot correctly is always the best option, there is no other. Still, with the help of a dog that is of a breed to rescue small prey, you may have more opportunities to create a shot.

The squirrels

In general, squirrels arrive in large numbers with the appearance of most states in the United States, that is, there is not much difference between a squirrel from the East or one from the West.

In addition, the hunting period is from the end of August to the beginning of October. The squirrel’s primary foods are seeds and nuts; therefore, it is difficult to find many running on the ground, since they prefer to go down and climb to eat in the trees or not even go down.

For that reason, it is extremely important to understand how to recognize trees to discover the squirrel’s hiding place from a great distance.

The squirrels have a good ear and vision so they detect movement and noise over long distances, because we must go with slow movements and camouflage clothing. You can see them every time they jump from the tree or just a nut cutting noise. As soon as you know where your goal is, you should know how you can reach under the tree without having sound for a nice and close shot.

The Doves

Here we already enter a more difficult terrain, because if you are already bored of hunting animals on the ground and want to test your acquired shooting ability more, you can go to the pigeons that you can see most of them fly by.

Many hunters prefer to hunt larger pigeons than other birds.

Autumn, particularly August, is the season of pigeon hunting that extends throughout the country. In addition, pigeons are little birds with unpredictable and fast movements, for this reason achieving a pigeon is very difficult with novice hunters.

But not every time the pigeons will be flying, so you can try to shoot a pigeon when it is laid on the ground. Whenever you aim, find a flat place to stand and then shoot while sitting.

Also, focus on a particular pigeon even though it flies with a flock. The main reason is that you often can’t get anything while randomly shooting a flock of birds.


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