Hunting in Winter: Birds, Rabbits and Squirrels

Hunting in Winter: Birds, Rabbits and Squirrels.The hunting seasons for the most popular animals that we can choose to hunt with a compressed air rifle furrow the winter from its beginning to the end, so today we bring some tips to achieve the best small hunting at this time.

Hunting birds in Winter:

Hunting birds in winter can be a bit complicated but if we know how these prey behave this season we can take some home. Something important is that hunting birds is easier when they land on the ground, and in the rare winter you see them go out and down to the ponds because almost all of them are frozen.

The advisable thing to start is not to go hunting alone, always carrying a companion helps to locate the prey. An interesting technique to broaden the search for birds in winter is to walk separated from their companion separated by some 30 meters, so that they can cover a greater distance of vision and detection of the birds.

Tip: Hunting with a person means having to know each other where the partner is in such a way that no one crosses the line of fire, this is something very important for their safety, we know that it is difficult to do when they are inside the forest and scrub but it is good to establish a way to communicate.

Hunting Rabbits in Winter:

When we hunt rabbits in winter, it is not necessary to go along to get a prey and take it home. If you go alone, walk through the places where rabbits usually make their nests in winter, places like, dense and leafy thickets or even lower growing conifers, and stop regularly with your prepared firearm.

Depending on the weapon you are using, wait and aim if it is a rifle of compressed air, but if it is a shotgun and you hear it run, go forward a little the shot in the line of motion to be able to hit.

In case it contains a rifle, wait and find out if they stop. Also in case they do, it will be much better for you to be fast and have a head shot under the ear.

Now, if you usually go out on a small game with a friend, you can use a similar strategy to hunt birds from the highlands above. An individual simply stands in a place where he can easily see a distance and / or along an important rabbit path.

Another should create a large circle through the thick deck a maximum of 50 to 75 meters away to try to catch the rabbit in the direction of his friend.
Make sure you always know where your partner is every time you shoot.

Hunting Squirrels in Winter:


Hunting squirrels in winter, it is easier and easier to do it alone, squirrels behave differently from birds and rabbits, just walk through the forest, watching the trunks of the trees, to detect any that go up or down in such a way that you can position yourself to hit the first shot.

Keep in mind that walking slowly and making the least possible noise is the key to hunting a squirrel, when they get scared and are on the ground, in a few seconds they reach the tree and from there it is difficult to be successful. A good shot to close the sight with the squirrel is around 15 meters away, so you must move quickly when the squirrel is about to fire.

The best thing about hunting in winter is that the sport of compressed air rifle shooting helps to relax and eliminate the anxiety of being locked up, and more if you are somewhat claustrophobic, winter hunting is the key to helping have a better time during the cold season.


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