How to maintain hunting equipment out of season.

How to maintain hunting equipment out of season.

Hunting equipment must be properly maintained so that its durability is extended as much as possible, and even more so if our equipment has cost us a lot of time and money to complete it.

For us there are two types of maintenance.

  • Short-term maintenance and long-term maintenance. Short-term maintenance involves the proper use of hunting equipment to extend its useful life as much as possible, we have already talked about it a bit on this blog in previous articles.
  • Long-term maintenance is what we do when the hunting season ends and we must store our equipment, but first we must take into account the following:

When the hunting season ends, hunters are faced with another task: storing and maintaining hunting equipment until the next season. Our equipment, weapons and security items are essential for a good hunt. After all, it protects us from unnecessary risks.

While it can be tempting to randomly store your gear out of sight and out of mind, neglecting to care for our equipment can have unintended and preventable consequences.

Hunters are no strangers to dust, dirt, and odor; The same goes for your team. Expensive lures, clothing, attractants and other hunting accessories can be ruined due to improper handling and storage.

Preparation for the next season should not have to wait for the start of the season, as the team requires several treatment methods. Before we break down those methods, let’s review the basics of hunting gear maintenance.

  • Prepare an inventory of hunting equipment, gear and accessories.
  • Evaluate each gear and equipment for damage, scratches, or breakage. Make sure all zippers, buttons and other pieces and parts of your items are in good condition.
  • Decide whether or not you want to fix any potential glitches or upgrade things for the next season.

Hunting clothes

Clothing is usually the item that suffers the most damage during hunting season. That is why its care before and after the hunting season is essential.
After making sure we have located and accounted for all clothing damage, it is important to educate ourselves and locate the proper detergent to use on jackets, shirts, pants and masks, as well as any additional equipment we may have used.

Baking soda can be a cheap alternative to soak up any odors you may have picked up during the season.


As always, be sure to thoroughly clean all footwear. Remove dirt and debris and dry thoroughly before storing. Apply a waterproofing treatment to keep it water-repellent and keep your feet dry.


Be sure to disarm and clean firearms after each hunt. They must be cleaned and oiled according to the manufacturer’s specifications and stored face up in a non-airtight place. This will not only reinforce safety, but also ensure that our utensil is in good condition. Clean firearms are safer, more accurate, and more reliable.

Maintenance of hunting accessories

Other types of equipment that require some attention during the off-season are attractants, optics, firearms, and/or archery accessories. Place them in small plastic containers that are easy to label (after cleaning with odorless wipes) and leave them in a heated environment. This reduces the risk of odor and mold development.

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