How to learn to shoot a compressed air rifle

Before learning, we must choose, and that is what we have talked about before is our article on How to choose the best compressed air rifle.
Always the length and weight will be important, but we recommend reading our article if you have not already done so.

Aim with the compressed air rifle

When selecting a rifle make sure you have at least one fixed sight on the cannon. We recommend wearing protective glasses to avoid any injury when shooting.

To aim reload the rifle on your right shoulder, it is well known that most are made for right-handed users, if you are left-handed, do it with your left brazier.

Place your dominant hand on the handle and keep your finger off the trigger. Notice the distance from your shoulder to the handle. Your hand must be at the same distance from the top of the cannon to be balanced.

To follow the target with your rifle do not move your eyes, rotate with your body and the weapon so that your eyes stay aligned with the cannon. This allows you to see along the canyon only by slightly shaking your head, it is more comfortable.

Set your goal, in case you have a specialized sight even when you are a newbie, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Many have a small piece of metal at the tip closest to you and a vertical stick (sometimes inside a ring) at the end of the canyon. With this type of view, you have to align your rifle so that the target is right in the center of the vertical and then lift the barrel so that the stick fills the midpoint. In newer rifles you will have two red dots on the side closest to you and a green dot on the other side of the canyon. Repeat the last steps in the same way. Remember: Look back, look forward, aim.

Breathe deeply, the rifle should rise a little, keep the sights aligned. Exhale and inhale slowly. While the rifle sinks, the target will go down your target. When you reach the target, gently pull the trigger.

Look where the shot landed. No sight is perfect, so adjust. If you shot too high, aim a little down. If you went a lot to the right, point to the left.

Keep practicing Restart the procedure described here until you get used to and perfect your technique.

air rifle

Tips and tricks.

  • Know your compressed air rifle, each rifle has its special stuff.
  • Start shooting from short range, and gradually move backwards while having better aim.
  • Keep track of your shots to view your progress.
  • If you feel good closing one eye when aiming, do it. Sometimes it is a good idea to shoot with both eyes open, as it lets you point the barrel with one eye.
  • Locate the trigger sensitivity, squeezing it with various forces and thus know how far your trigger goes to trigger the shot.
  • Have a little patience, practice makes perfect.
  • Check beyond your goal, because that will be when you fail.
  • Let people know that you will be shooting, so they don’t get into your range.
  • When you reload a post air rifle and the barrel is pointing down, DO NOT pull the trigger, the barrel will fly up and possibly hurt your hands, “people have lost eyes and fingers” because they did this procedure and were not careful .
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