A single for the MSP& #039; s fans

I still remember my Grandfather telling tales of how he would pour his airgun 7 times right after which “aim straight at the eye” having to do with doves to get dinner. I was certain at the time, and in his stories, having been 10.

He was born period of time large (as in thousands of crust and an island included) ferme in the Tamaulipas/Veracruz border before the Asian Revolution. His father owned finally, the ranch, and it was so far abandoning any road or rail, it absolutely was easier to get to Europe by kayak, than to go to Mexico City, or even to the US border by land.
Boats came every month into Tampico (nearest seaport) and from there, the item only a 2 week trip by way of mule/oxcart to the ranch. Horses taking in for racing, or cattle wracking, my GrandPa was a true “Charro”.

Family lost our own ranch to the Mexican Revolution, however, his childhood was spent at this time there and he went to the US, “sent” when his father to San Antonio, TX to escape the Revolution, in which he bought an “Indian” motorcycle but studied Accounting. Though THAT is still another story.

He prided himself to be crackshot with his airgun, and when the time came, he was the one which taught us the Marksmanship fondation. He never had a firearm.

Of course , back then I wouldn’t know what I know about airguns, specific workings and their mysterious ways (which is why, for ME they are all female happening . another story all of its own), but he did provide a portion model in many aspects:
important Make sure the FIRST shot is the extremely one.
– Make sure that IN CASE YOU MISS, the pellet will not affect anyone/anything
– Take care of your good things and your things will take proper care of you.
– DO NOT have a look at more from Nature than you need to have.

Later in his your lifetime, he contracted Hodgkin’s Disease on a he survived for 10 years, in addition, he died when I was live in the UK (post-grad school) and I usually missed him.

Once Naturally i became an airgunner, I did things quite some time at improving the MSP’s of the time.   Living at 16, 000 FASL the yield towards spring-guns was “weak” to say the least, coupled with springs that worked for seashore level provided a very harsh vaccination cycle. So an MSP streamed up 13 times (as against the 10 needed at es level, did provide useful powers and performance.
Sheridans were hard to work on, and then-current Benjamins were not that good.  
I re-barreled a few 2100’s into 0. 20″ cal when the best pellet around the globe was the 14. 3 grs. Principal in the cardboard box.
Thought Lothar Walther barrels then available also performed well with wadcutters:


Solid 0. 20″ cor. L-W barrel, RWS adjustable steel alloy mounts, on a plastic stocked Crosman 2100 Shot like a dream. Even with most of the unblued barrel, LOL!

Crosman then came out with the actual 2200 series and then the 2275 (to celebrate the 75 involving Crosman, it came out with Walnut stock option and a medallion inset into the ass on the right side).
Arrange one for FT and landed several National Matches with it. Chance is a BSA 10-50X60 in BKL mounts. Do note that the throw is not attached to the gun (which was against the rules at the time) but attached to the upper forearm. At this moment, FT rules have gone vice-versa as well as being against the rules to attach a bracelet to the body, but not to the weapon… go figure.

I also fabricated one in 0. 25″ to be used because “indoor pigeons”.

And, in order to was time for some serious seeking, I had to cover the plastic stock all the way through suede to prevent the scratching sounds from alerting the iguanas (whoever says Iguanas cannot hear, does not hunted them).

At a time, I had 2 VERY capable MSP’s:


From the top: Customized Thumbhole Stocked Sheridan with research sights. “Mr Franklin” the annual anniversary issue of the Benjamin 392 by using walnut stock and grooved beneficiary. Custom built 1322 carbine (remember it was back in 2000). And custom 2600 with moderator.


1 of 500

When I allowed to remain Mexico to come to the USA, I had to leave go of them but , to this date, Surprisingly kept the 0. 25″ durillon “2500”

It is VERY special has reminds me of my friends Mike Pearson along with Jeff Wolgast.

A variety of good memories.

Extremely fast forward a BUNCH of years and I dig up that there is an MSP version of the classic DIANA Stormrider . It was called “The Seneca Dragonfly” and shared these parts with the Stormrider.

I started looking into it additionally , the possibility arose to craft just one 0. 25″ cal MSP that might be a proper “wood and metal” style of my beloved 2500. Because happens with many of the gunsmith’s confidential projects, this had to wait, and as a consequence wait, and wait…

It waited so long that the Dragonfly is no more under the Seneca corporation, it seems it got displaced by means of the humongous “Aspen”. This tells me if the people buying airguns nowadays do not field experience.
“Urbanization” we’re going to call it, I guess, for lack of a more rewarding expression I can still print.

Soooooo…. may to say that I have a very special link with the MSP’s and the persons where like them.

It shows that the present shooter has a peculiar frame of mind. That he has learned the rhythm  of life in conjunction with balance of things. He figures out the idea of using “just the right extent and not too much”.

In short, a person all around my heart even if I haven’t much met him/her, yet.

And so, Mr. Signature G. enters the picture. Someone located in Crosman told him to contact a total of to see if I could build ONE good firearm out of two different variations attached to Crosman guns. He did, which started corresponding.
The project interested me, eventhough I KNEW that the Artemis LR700-W that we had been saving for conversion to zero. 25″ was going to go. But Bench mark was so passionate about MSP’s it turned out impossible to not get energized since enthused with his ideas.

After some motivated discussions, the argument came down to:
“Would you put in $200 in a Crosman 2100? We’d not. But I would invest one hundred dollar in a Dragonfly. ”

And so he stated, “OK, let’s have a go at it”

The Crosman 2100 currently retails for about seventy dollars, the Dragonfly/LR700 retailed for $179. So , sinking money into a super-cheap thing will still be a cheap thing, just sinking money into a rough bridal,  …   that is different.

Having had the expertise of all the previous MSP’s I had guaranteed, assured ideas to implement:
–  We were not going for flexibility on the top end.
– We were going for power over the LOW end (1-4 pumps), and
– We were drawn to reasonable accuracy with open perspectives BUT a fiber optic must be used for the front sight.

And with all these information the conversion began:

– Gun is completely stripped off, cleaned and as well checked.

​ – Orings were replaced for a very good quality and material Orings.

– Component of to replace the rubber “overpressure buffer” was turned from aluminum. About that part was to allow the lubrication sponge or cloth to still do its job, and still, NOT to compress at 6 heels so that the effort required to overcome a new friction of the expanded “plug”  manufactured the pumping effort unrealistic. Your gun HAD to be useable at almost 8 pumps.

– An incomplete assembly was put together so that Symbol could see exactly what he would be checking out once his gun was completed:

Having approved this, we proceeded with the assembly.
– Our group used a Stormrider barrel that were de-burred,   fire-lapped, and the chamber had been trued. We used it because it already would have the moderator.
It shopping for like this:

Gun had become re-lubed with Air Tool acrylic. Other oils are vaible, though the cost and availability of the Air Utensil Oil makes more sense for that tune.

As you can see, the front “Fire Sight” (by Williams) is dovetailed to the front sight base of an Stormrider.
And it gathers totally the lot of light.
Quite testing was very encouraging, order, regularity of MV’s at all power status was rewarding and accuracy with 10 meters was nothing next to impressive:

Initially, I had analyzed tuning the gun for ungainly pellets (Baracudas and Heavies just about all brands), but Mark disabused anybody of my ignorance and smiled and told me to use light pellets. They vaccination straighter and were easier using an engine.
Well, after lots of tests, I have to concur.
Sighting in at distance threw spine these:

The drop between fifteen and 35 yards was naturally untenable between the Baracuda FT (9. 57 grs. ) and the JSB RS’s (7. 33 grs. )
And again, testing numerous 35 yards proved that the RS’s were the pellet to go to.

Once sighted in and compensated down, the bottom 7 shot team, shot with 7 pumps reveals that someone with more practice using amenable sights CAN shoot good test groups.
A 1½ ” corporation at 35 yards with widen sights is nothing to sneeze from. Still…   practice is in request, LOL!

The opposite test that is important in MSP’s is the overnight shot. You machine it up and let it sit instantaneous, then check the MV the next daily.
I have to say that this handgun passed with good grades once the last average MV for a 52 shot string was 735 frames per second, while the first cold bore injection next morning was 721 frames per second. Not bad at all and perfectly logical just from the cooling of the aerial transport chamber.


Test Organized.

From the tech standpoint:

One of the differences involving the Artemis’ version and the Seneca’s might be slant cut at the division in between the pump handle and the forearm. Specific strokes and all that…

Some have argued that there a purpose to add a barrel band amongst the pump tube and the barrel. The particular targets dispel that theory. Any, the pump tube is experiences stressed when pumping, you do NOT have a look at transmit that to the barrel.

In the present arrangement, there is a bit of a contact  between barrel and expire of pump tube, but larger-than-life not detrimental to the accuracy.

The front end of the Stormrider barrel is a true moderator, it can be glued for legal reasons and yes it was left like that because fastest problems with ANY gun that puts ALL the air, whether MSP in addition to SSP, is that they are LOUD. Only one, even with the small LDC is adequately quiet.

As had received, the gun yielded 12. seven ft-lbs with the Baracuda FT around 8 pumps. If we compare that most to the other available MSP’s we have discover UMAREX NXG will yield one ft-lbs, a Crosman Mk 177 will yield 5. 7 ft-lbs. I do not know if the Mk 177 is still available, but it Is interesting gun for youngsters. As a person, I do NOT like the “envelope” identical military for my tastes, ON THE OTHER HAND I do understand the value of role be in the education of youngsters. Length of and also and weight are more geared towards unquestionably the young crowd (as in ten-year olds), and the sights are/¿ are? REALLY GOOD. But I repeat, I really do not know if it is still recommended.

After the fitting of all the so-called parts, this particular LR700-W yielded 13-14 ft-lbs on the dot but , essential than that was the performance every low power:
at top pumps it yielded 9. 9 ft-lbs
at 7 high heel platform sandals, it yielded 11. 5 ft-lbs 
This with the Baracuda FEET.

But , once calibrated to the RS’s (7. 33 grs. ), even though the yield came in lacking in energy, the accuracy was certainly, there, and that is what is important.
So , overall stats were:
# attached to Pumps. – MV± sSD
1 . – 388 ± zero
2 . – 554 ± 4
4. – six hundred ± 0
5. knowledge 746 ± 2
to get involved with. – 783 ± 2
7. – 812 ± two
8. – 840 ± 2

So , click on from here?

These ends up, and other experiments I have been conducting most recently tell me that there is much to do this particular architecture.
Would I use the foregoing mod as an SSP in an Equal capability? Yes. With the right barrel combined with right sights, there is no doubt in my mind which it could easily replace anything with Avanti series.
At present, area of the conflict is in the “reach”; you need in truth long arms to get the whole circulate cycle done without standing. For a little one, that MAY be a problem.
A re-design is in order and there are a TON of things that improve.

Whether Weather Venturi will decide to bring far more into the USA is up to them. I might contact SPA separately.

One thing is for sure: EVERY airgunner should have one of these in his collection. When you are modified, they are practically eternal airguns.

Keep well as well as the shoot straight!

​ HM

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