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The majority of you will know me as a “Science guy” and, yes, I guess I am greater than a common NERD.

Yet life and experience have trained me that there is a lot of worthwhile understanding to be gained from just hearing the users. Especially if the users are skilled and UNCOMMON

  persons , in the sense of having been endowed exceeding a passing grade of “COMMON SENSE”.

When I was a lot younger, my GrandMa used to show me that the least common of detects was the common sense. After almost sixty four years I have come to agree totally with that.

Bill and am met by “accident” in one of the fora, we both love airguns, and The german language Airguns more precisely; and I are not able to but see a future me (result of a strongly driven and purposeful youth with lots of physicality to it) in him.
One day my figure will present the “bills” for all those physically demanding activities.  
And, whilst growing old is mandatory, it’s we were young what I plan on keeping “optional” ; -)

To keep the capacity of wonderment, and the like of life, is what will make the following decade (or two), what it is said to be.

And so, in that soul, I present you with a notable individual, in the sense that he makes a lot of feeling.

Oh!, and what really does the title mean? Well it might be sort of a private joke because whilst discussing the idea of this Blog entry, Expenses asked me (and rightfully so), “Won’t we be comparing pears to oranges here? ”
My response was that there were adequate characteristics shared by BOTH weapons (HW30 and AM03)  to think read more about a comparison between Mandarins and Grapefruits: about the same, just slightly different dimension, zest and flavour.

¿ Isn’t that what a lot more all about?

; -)

I produce the floor to Bill:

Visitor Blog by Bill Rickvalsky


Expenses with the two guns he has been charged of comparing: in his still left hand, an HW30, in his correct a modified DIANA Mauser AM03

Allow me to begin with a little background information. Recently I was involved in a discussion on an internet forum about the possible acquisition of an additional air rifle. I had not too long ago obtained a Weihrauch HW30S as an conjunction with my Diana Model 34. The reason behind that purchase was because the bending effort of the Diana 34 experienced become rather fatiguing. The HW30S was a considerable relief in that respect. But then I began investigating the particular purchase of another rifle that may provide power similar to the Diana thirty four but not be as difficult to cock.

The reason the bending effort is an issue for me is the fact that I am in my 70’s and have the chronic health condition that occasionally impacts my muscle strength. But We thoroughly enjoy my shooting plus regularly have somewhat lengthy capturing sessions. The HW30S allowed me personally to do this without wearing myself away.

As a result of that community forum discussion I was offered an opportunity by Hector to compare my HW30S to a Diana AM03 Mauser that had been modified with individuals in just my situation in mind, old folks with health issues. The AM03 started life as an NTec fuel piston rifle. It now includes a steel spring operating an no- bounce piston (ABP). The gun is putting out 13 fpe and has a cocking force associated with 23 pounds. My objective has been to report on the perceived bending force and the shooting characteristics of the rifle and the HW30S.


From top to bottom: DIANA Mauser AM03; DIANA 34; HW30S

After receiving the AM03 and getting it set up to capture everything went very smoothly as well as the rifle fit me well just like received. My quick impressions in the first shooting sessions were quite favorable. The AM03 is weighty. The all up weight is definitely 9 lbs. 11 oz . that is heavier than my Diana thirty four at 9 lbs. exactly. Our HW30S weighs in at 6 lbs. twelve oz . Both rifles are scoped. The cocking effort of the AM03 was perceptibly heavier than the HW30S but not by a significant amount. The between the two would not make me select one over the other just based upon the task involved in cocking. My Diana thirty four is significantly more work. The bring about on the AM03, which I understand is a good Ntec T06, is very light and it has a clean, crisp break. An extremely nice trigger so I can’t fault my sometimes poor shooting at the trigger.


Do any of you believe this is poor shooting? Heck, Simply no! It’s good shooting in anyone’s books.

As I was able to get in more capturing sessions I was paying particular focus on the shot cycle characteristics. The particular AM03 seems to shoot at an comparative power level to my Diana thirty four although my chronograph is not functional I had previously determined my Diana 34 put out about 13 fpe.   But the shot cycle features were very different. The AM03 includes a sharper, crisper shot cycle compared to either the HW30S or our Diana 34.   By which i do not mean the shot period is harsher. It just appears quicker and more stable. While the HW30S has a softer shot cycle it really is only about a 6. 5 fpe rifle. My impression after a number of shooting sessions was that the AM03 is less hold sensitive compared to my Diana 34 and is nearly on the same level as the HW30S for the reason that regard.

A couple of the capturing sessions I had were fairly extended with over 200 pellets lower range. On those occasions the particular cocking effort of the AM03 plus HW30S became an obvious advantage for me personally. I believe I could shoot either of these rifles all day long. I eventually might lay the Diana 34 apart while shooting the other two. I understand there are people who do not find the Diana 34 difficult to cock. But it evidently crosses a threshold of work with me. I like the rifle and may shoot it for a while but you can find limits.  

A single side comment I would like to make the following is about the length of the cocking arm (barrel) and how it affects this. Even though many people say the longer barrel or clip provides more leverage it also needs a longer reach, particularly when sitting. Whenever reaching up to the end of the barrel or clip my arm is fully prolonged and then has to swing out plus down while still fully prolonged until more than half way through the cocking    cycle. This actually is because a disadvantage as it is an advantage. We find it easier to not reach right to the end of the barrel.

Someone else’s technique may give various results in this regard.

The particular AM03 seems a little louder through behind the gun than possibly of the other two rifles. It is not greatly at all and may be related to the particular crisper shot cycle. But We are fortunate in being able to shoot with no concern for the noise levels of some of these rifles as none of them is really unpleasant in my rural neighborhood. And just like a check I asked my child to listen to them from about twenty yards away to the side. He experienced that the Diana 34 and the AM03 were about the same. The HW30S not surprisingly is quieter.

I would like to have a hybrid of the AM03 as well as the HW30S. I like the extra reach from the AM03 without paying a significant price within cocking effort. The AM03 which i am shooting is heavy, specifically for occasional offhand shooting. But there are occasions I wish the HW30S experienced just a little more weight for offhand capturing. This light, short rifle occasionally seems a little twitchy without an associated with some sort. It would also be nice to achieve the barrel on the AM03 be 2 or 3 inches shorter. For me anyway the particular shorter overall length would stability better.

I would like to give thanks to Hector for this opportunity to participate in this particular comparison and to possibly contribute somewhat to upcoming design decisions. And am told him several times how much I really like the set up on the trigger with this AM03. It is an absolute pleasure in order to shoot.  

I hope everybody learns a little something from this old mans comments. I know there are others with this problem out there who may have the same concerns.  

Bill Rickvalsky

And. E. I would like to finish this access by thanking Bill for their time and effort.

And yes, We learned things that we expect to set up with the new EMS line from DIANA.

The thirty four EMS will allow users to “tailor” the gun in such a way as to fit THEM.

Particularly within Bill’s case, I am already envisioning a 34 EMS with the NTec trigger, a lightweight ABP device inside the OEM piston, a smaller barrel, and  a Carbon Fiber moderator/Harmonics Tuner in position. The short barrel will save one full pound of weight, the particular Carbon Fiber mod/HT will save another ¼ lb, and a beech stock will likely save another ¼ lb, therefore , all in all, with a Traditions lightweight range in small ZR Mounts, we’re able to be looking at a 7 to 7¼ lbs all up rifle nevertheless capable of delivering 12 ft-lbs on the muzzle with a bit over 25# peak cocking force.

Now, THAT would be an interesting little weapon, LOL!

Keep nicely and shoot straight!

​ HM


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