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Some weeks ago, a buddy posted in a forum the down sides he was having by having an HW barrel in zero. 20″ cal.
I really do not know much regarding those barrels having utilized only one in my work plus finding that the barrel I acquired had no choke. Following the fact, it was noted that will barrel blanks sold simply by HW to the US are usually unchoked, but it was a shock for me. Since that experience, a lot more than 20 years ago, I have used just L-W barrels. That particular HW barrel was mated to some PCP and a custom mold and shot those particular cast slugs very well, therefore the barrel was good, simply not ideal for pellets.
Again, this was more than two decades ago, and things alter, all this to point out that I have no too much experience with HW barrels.

Now, apart from the peculiarities associated with manufacturers about their rifling characteristics, there ARE things that are essential in a barrel to be effective, consistent, and accurate.
If a barrel is just not uniform, it will not be efficient.
If a barrel is just not uniform, it will not be consistent
If a barrel is just not uniform, it cannot be precise.

So , UNIFORMITY is what just about all barrels, regardless of maker, must have in order to be truly good barrels.
You may reduce a bad efficiency if it is a brief range barrel that is incredibly consistent and uniform the past couple of inches, but in a lengthy range barrel or a searching gun barrel, you NEED a specific amount of energy to break skin plus penetrate, or simply fly towards the target at 55 back yards and beyond. THEN the final two inches is not “good enough”.

And this was the situation with the HW barrel within the discussion above mentioned. It got tight and loose places, and the choke was overdone.

The maker was approached and after an exchanging many Emails, the barrel, breechblock, and linkage, are on their own way to one of the distributors from the brand in the US. Hopefully, the neighborhood technician will accept the analysis and advise the manufacturer to exchange the whole assembly.

The coincidence

By a few quirk of fate, simultaneously Midway put on a sale for a limited edition “Lawrence associated with Arabia” DIANA 34 EMS rifles. All in zero. 177″

At the price provided (just a few bucks more than $200), it was indeed the tempting offer and many buddies took advantage of that selling.
Most have got reported good results but , such as the HW case over, even the best makers create a lemon now and then.
In this case, the particular rifle was not making actually “F in Pentagon” (5. 5 ft-lbs) power, therefore there were more than a few things incorrect there.
The proprietor wanted anyway to have the powerplant changed to NTec (gas spring), and so we proceeded using the powerplant swap.


Powerplant swap
In the picture above the thing is on top, the OEM powerplant (two piece guide plus spring), at the bottom the solitary NTec unit.
If you want to attempt the powerplant swap, you will need this kit:
The powerplant swap took all of twenty minutes, deburring the actions, cleaning with acetone and relubing with Ultimox 226, took another 20 mins, and then testing begun.

Uhh-Ohh, not good, power was nevertheless very low, we exchanged NTec units, we changed piston seals and still no improvement.

HMMMMMM So , we examined the barrel.

Good thing about the particular EMS is that everything is definitely modular (as its title implies)

Once you take away the barrel hinge bolt (do note that there are Nord-loc cleaners on each side, techniques NOT attempt to loosen the particular nut by itself).
​ The barrel or clip assembly can be taken out of the particular forks.
The particular cocking linkage can be eliminated with ONE SCREW (no cheap rivets here), as well as the side-bearing washers can be taken out with a magnet.
The barrel retaining enthusiast can be extracted using the DIANA tool.  
Then the ORing falls and then the barrel or clip can be tapped out.  
The prevent is NOT aluminum, but it is just not a “hardened steel”, therefore it marrs  easily (previous encounter, not this gun). Be cautious if you want to work in these weapons.

A long list of pellets had been put through the barrel as well as a sad lack of uniformity had been found that no lapping could repair. Looseness in the center of the barrel is not something which is “correctable”.

The full number of pellets tested

Deatiled view of some: COMPUTER FTT’s, JSB H’s, JSB Xact’s

JSB’s plus Olympia

JSB four. 53/8. 44
So , I sent the outcomes of the tests to DIANA on April 6th, simply by April 7th I had the particular promise of a replacement barrel or clip, by April 12th barrel or clip was shipped.
We had to await till April 25th to really get it but , an hour right after receiving it, the barrel or clip had been “refined”, was in location and shooting.
Fit was MUCH better, from this article you can see in these pictures:

JSB four. 53/8. 44 on the remaining pushed to JUST BEFORE the choke, on the right pushed throughout.

Same as above, using H&N FTT’s 4. 52/8. 66
The process of a barrel exchange in the EMS is not complex, but having done some, I really have to admit which is not within the realm of the home tinkerer, not even the advanced types. Things need to fit to one another within 0. 0005″; plus keeping cylinders parallel to people tolerances is not easy whenever doing it with common equipment.

While some may think that the “promise” of the EMS is not getting followed through, the reality is which the EMS STILL holds significant advantages for the shooter.
In this instance, a problem that would take a month or even more, was solved in less than three or more weeks. So , service will be simplified and expedited.

Additionally, it opens the door for much better, faster, customizations.

If you buy the LoA EMS at $207, and you want it in zero. 22″ that can easily be performed for $100 more, you desire it changed to NTec fuel spring? $180 will get a person there.

Hopefully, in the future, we are going to have more variety of barrels (short and long, threaded instead of, etc . ) and then it can be even more interesting.

In the end, it really is all about what happens at the focus on ¿ no? LOL!


Last test target showing portion of the running-in and then 10 photo groups from the sitting FEET position at 25 back yards.
This particular barrel still needs a few “running in” and I failed to have time to test along with GTO’s which have proven amazingly accurate in the latest DIANA 0. 177″ barrels.
But very obviously, the barrel shows possible, and at a little about twelve ft-lbs in an NTec config, it is an enjoyable gun in order to shoot all day, it has small recoils, no vibrations, plus allows you to call and place your shots easily.

Because time goes by, the rest of the weapon will also settle and all factors will contribute to the shootability of these guns.

Keep properly and shoot straight!

​ HM

© 04/26/2022


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