The significance of PROPER lubing ©

From time to time someone asks why We insist on proper lubing.

One more common question is: “¿ What IS proper lubing? inch

Still some others that believe that offense is the best defense, inquire: “Why do you lube your own pellets? I shoot all of them straight out of the tin! ”

; -)

Fair enough, we all know that each gun is different but , still, inside my years of professional gunsmithing I have discovered two basic “truths” that will apply in airgunning:
1 . – Pellets fly best at or even below the 875 frames per second region
second . – PROPER lubing associated with pellets AND rifles REALLY DOES make a difference.

Perhaps in some weapons the difference is small sufficient that it is impossible to calculate, but IMHE, there is always a positive change.

My mind follows extremely peculiar paths; “tortuous” will be the word chosen by my partner, but I prefer to think which i am always looking at most problems, sometimes simultaneously, through different points of look at. Just part and package of being a Gemini, ROFL!

In any case, as a pre-requisite test to a new design of piston that I need to tackle an entire “re-do” of some army replicas, I wanted to start simply by testing the new design within a well known platform. Normally, at this time I would start looking into the classified listings and the whole thing would take time but , luckily, I had currently sourced it some a few months ago and that was protected. And no, it is not a DIANA.

All good experiments start by putting a “baseline”. A point through where all other comparisons will be set-up, and so I proceeded to try the gun, after in storage for some months.
Starting with a good twenty shot string just to take the gun back to “operational” position, I started chronoing pellets that I knew usually chance well in that brand of airgun.
They are respected to have bores on the “generous” side, so the first pellet chosen was the JSB Specific 8. 44/4. 53
As an aside, right here I have to remind everyone that this numbers stated for the mind size, in the case of JSB, are certainly not exactly measurements taken from the particular heads of the pellets, but instead obey an indirect way of measuring where they test  in different barrels and then give the head size of the barrel or clip that shoots them greatest.

I also added to the combine the H& N BFT, both in 4. 50 plus 4. 51 head dimensions. My experience is that the mind weighs enough to be “upset” by the pressure blow and also have a good contact with the rifling.
My DIANA guns (54 and 430L) prefer the 4. 51 dimension, but some other guns like the 4. 50

Finally, We added the QYS pellets that have been taking most of the time lately. Very consistent, and accurate when the weary likes the land-riding type of the head. Of course , creating a property riding pellet starts with all the premise that people know that the style is handicapped in the energy it can take. We’ll get to that will later.

So , all in all, five pellets that I consider the greatest among the current production operates.

AND then I started acquiring apart the “test mule”.

Horror of horrors!

Tons and gobs of dark tars of different densities plus viscosities.    : -P  Dughhhhhh!

It was going to consider 3 hours to clean this particular mess!

But then, looking at lack of the problem: ¿ WHENEVER would I EVER obtain a better chance to test exactly what has become the “traditional American oil tune”?

I was not going to perform one of those tunes, LOL!.

I do not even have those people heavy lubes at hand any more! It’s been YEARS since I ended using those heavy petroleum  derivatives. Paraphrasing a friend “That’s dinosaur juice! ”

And so i closed again the weapon, and got the pellets out to create that “baseline”.

And a lightbulb flashed inside my head: If I am going to evaluate lube jobs, why not evaluate also pellet lube work opportunities?
And the five became 7.

The test has been simple enough once all the guidelines were laid down, we might look at MV and KE of the 7 pellets selected with the “grease” lube-tune then clean the whole thing with lacquer thinner, and re-lube along with Ultimox 226.

Because there were pellets with different leads and various lubes three shots had been allowed between each alter of lube, and five pellets between each alter of lead. And then ten shots were taken for your record for each pellet.

Used to do find that the pellet lubricant was a more important change compared to change of pellet guide. Which is an interesting conclusion by itself. Many shooters believe that you should completely clean the barrel or clip and then take 20 photos with each different kind of pellet you test, the things i have found over the course of years, is the fact that if you lube your pellets you need to worry more about alter of lube than regarding the change of pellet/lead by itself.
I have also available that most bores exhibit an absolute preference for certain lubes. I did previously use three lubes, however for a few years I have only utilized two now: Pledge plus T-9. Both products that can come from the non-shooting world, are usually inexpensive and widely available, plus hold no “secret sauce”.

Well it was a wet and depressing day anyhow, and I had just shipped a project to one of our Military, so I had the time prior to tackling other projects.
I shot the entire 100+ shots test with all the “Traditional Lube”, and then invested, literally, a couple of hours cleaning that will stuff, then re-lubed along with Ultimox 226 and went the whole test again.

Plus, here are the results:

Therefore , how do we analyze this particular?

For starters, you can see that meant for identical pellets in the exact same rifle, under the same situations, the difference in lube often means between 2 and 6 fps in the case of the “dinosaur juice” lube-tune and among 2 and 5 frames per second in the case of the Ultimox lube-tune. In both cases, the fact that the was smaller for the H& N 4. 51 pellets, tells me that we should try to obtain maximum accuracy with those people pellets from the H& In family.
We are able to also notice that this weary seems to prefer the Pledge lubed pellets.

Some may state: 2 to 8 frames per second is not worth the work in order to lube pellets. While which is true from the energy perspective, when you look for maximum accuracy and accuracy, those two fps can mean that the harmonics in the barrel “jive” to some good tune or create a cacophony. Many times have I discovered that a harmonics tuner fine-tined to a “naked” pellet must be moved a tad once the pellets get lubed. Which some bores that “do not want to shoot” since the user wants, in reality are simply asking for the pellets to become lubed to start shooting as much as snuff.

Now, if we proceed ACROSS the lube-tunes of the EXACT SAME GUN, there are other things we are able to conclude, and basically, that it is that if you are still utilizing the old lubes, you are making a LOT of energy on the bargaining table. In other words you are not having the efficiency that you COULD be getting, a minimum of in a finely crafted weapon like the one on the testing table.
Kinetic Energy gains of in between 15% and 22% are usually nothing to sneeze on. And if the “quality” from the shot cycle was about exactly the same, lowering the Ultimox fine-tined rifle to the same degree of energy as the Dino-juice tune, will surely enhance the quality of mentioned shot cycle. In brief: You can find less inefficiencies that visit produce twang, vibration, temperature and other residual energies (such noise) when using Ultimox.

Now, while some GAINS are usually impressive, you still need to think about which pellet will produce the best result at the focus on, and that is something we will be discovering soon.

Prime candidates intended for testing, especially at lengthier ranges would be:
H& N BFT each head sizes, as well as the Large QYS domed all lubed with Pledge, need to be examined, also the JSB 6. 44/4. 53 needs the thorough testing and an assessment with Pledge.

We can properly assume that the QYS gentle Streamlined is simply a bit gentle for the increased power move, and so it is deforming within the barrel, and loosing almost all efficiency. This may NOT complete, once the total power produce has been turned down to the correct level for FT.

Anyhow, now that the questions regarding lubing (pellets AND rifle) have received an answer (limited to some sample of 1, agreed, yet at least it is more than what we should had before), it will be as much as each shooter to decide in case a lubing job of their weapon and pellets is called for or not.

Precluding any kind of misunderstanding: we need to clarify there is no substitute to the efficiency at the target.
Getting an uniform MV along with low SD’s certainly is really a requirement to have a good efficiency at the target, but a possibility a sufficient condition. Let’s wish the weather will allow us to try these pellets outdoors quickly.
Once which is done, we can continue using the next phase of the advancement.

Keep well and take straight!



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