The particular Super-Plinker/Best of both realms. – DIANA 280

G’d I miss IWA!

Each year the pilgrimage to the finest “Weapons Exhibition” in the world is really a thrill.

And, of course , investing some real-face time along with my DIANA friends is really a boon to boot.

BUT CoViD19 put a damper upon IWA 2020 and IWA 2021, next year IWA 2022 has been programmed, but there is absolutely no guarantee.

Anyway, one of the more captivating aspects about IWA is that you simply can interact with top notch gunsmiths from around the world. Not all have an interest in airguns, but most of these understand the complexities of reduced power shooting.

Among the standard discussions is the eternal a single about the “German” way as well as the “American” way. From sling placement and usage, in order to sights and stock forms, there is always someone that claims to end up being “richtig” & “genau”.  : -)

Of course the reality is that people need to take the best of all the possibilities to us. And this article is a bit about that: Getting a German born, medium powered springer to become a joy to shoot in the specifically American endeavor: Plinking with iron sights making use of economy pellets.

So , if a friend requested something to fit his scoped R-7, I believed: This is a good opportunity for a DIANA 280.
So the project started some a few months ago, the guns had been available then and they had been procured.

One, in zero. 177″, cal has already been evaluated here.

And the problem with this one in zero. 22″ cal was to be able to shoot well with metal sights.

We went back plus forth with different rear places, but in the end, it was essential to change the front sight in order to something that would allow proper mind positioning, BUT , we nevertheless wanted to keep the gun because DIANA as possible, and so all of us changed the front​ snout piece to one that was manufactured by DIANA for the larger weapons to use the “Korntunnel” within the DIANA lineup.

However , you can find no Fiber Optic korntunnels in the German world, ¿ What on earth for? you happen to be supposed to shoot ONLY in paper targets! You NEED DARK!  ….   LOL!  …   Nope!
Enter Tru-Glo, an American firm that has been making optical collecting front sights for some time.  

That allowed us to utilize the Williams FP back and add the Value Iris for light plus contrast control, but since the particular sight stop is located pretty forward, an extension to the eyepiece had to be manufactured.

The powerplant was changed to a Ti (symbol) #10 spring in a customized composite guide; performance statistics are located in the targets for people who need numbers.

Overall it had been a great project, fun and difficult.

​ So , let’s take a look at some pictures:


The first thing we do was to shoot the particular gun in, with the regular shoot and clean schedule, this took some days of intermittent effort. We all then shot some check groups to define the very best pellet. Without a doubt, the JSB RS proved to be the one. It is a no-standard 10M target due to the colors, but the size is purely regulation.

But the weapon had an extremely low MIS, and the stock was totally inadequate. It took excellent effort and concentration in order to shoot groups like the 1 above, so we installed a little, appropriate telescope and examined other pellets from one of the ones that ARE available.

Results were reasonably good, specifically the H&N Excite Sludge hammer, that is an “economy” pellet in the H&N line.

The area between the relatively thin barrel or clip (15 mm’s) and the exterior bore of the muzzlepiece tooth cavity was taken up by a “Cello” finish Carbon Fiber tube.

At the rear, we set up a Williams FP/AG view, but had to use the lengthy slide of the GR view to really give it latitude.

But the rear sight has been too far forward to give a great sight picture! We had to produce an extension.

This is the view picture through the Merit Eye disc once the extension had been added. You can clearly view the bright aimpoint from the TruGlo front sight, even towards a white paper.

And then we took the weapon to play outside!

Right after some warming up and sighting in at a more reasonable distance of 25 back yards, these are the results.

Among the things I really like about the Tru-Glo would be that the amount of light you put “on target” is adjustable. You can slow up the brightness in an extremely vivid day to a good degree by turning the “shading” on.

Or you can convey more and more light by “opening the shutters”.

When there was truly little lighting in the day, then you can possess a wide open window, taking in gentle from almost 180° associated with sky

This is the view picture with a “fully shut shutter”, yes it is brilliant, but by no means glaring.

And I do like the method the CF glossy complete tube shines! LOL!

In the end, this is what it is about: a pleasant evening in the air conditioning day, with your S. U. so that she can create the particular targets for you. Some range, some pellets, and have enjoyable!

And if you REALLY have what must be done, then turn the may on end. The gun much more than capable. Will you be?; -) Let’s see!
Keep well plus shoot straight!



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