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In the wonderful world of airguns peculiar things take place.
For a while, a good enterprising person from Russian federation sold in EBay components in order to transform the Crosman 13XX pistols to PCP’s.
But suddenly this individual vanished.
And thus, some customers were still left with parts but simply no instructions.
Include in that situation that the clients sometimes buy things “for a later date” and after that forget them… and we have got another peculiar situation.

Whenever someone contacted me regarding “building” a pistol through parts he had on hand, We became VERY curious.

Therefore , after some communications, it had been established that there was valuable little of the Crosman remaining (the Transfer Port, the particular barrel and the main springtime only AAMOF).
There was a sidecocking bolt action repeating mechanism, there was clearly an air tube with the offset valve/TP, there was the frame with a Match activate that was supposedly adjustable, plus there was a “free air travel hammer”.

Hmmmmmmm, curiosity got the best associated with me and we agreed on a good hourly rate and initial “budget” and the parts had been shipped.

If they arrived, I was looking, actually, at the proverbial “basket case”. Lots of parts from the aged gun and parts from your new gun without any labelling, order, or concert.
However as any 5, 000 kilometer trip, everything starts with all the first step, and so I began “presenting” all the parts until I got some semblance of the pistol. A VERY BIG gun.
In my own terms: the “pifle” or a “ristol”, something which cannot be holstered, nor continued the mid-region of yourself. Not a “sidearm” as grasped in most professional circles.

And, so , We started the”build”.

As progress was performed, I discovered that some components needed to be modified, and the recommendations from the original EMails changed between purveyor and consumer were not really to my preference.

So , to drawing board and some tough decisions needed to be taken.

Through two days associated with hard thinking and some function, we decided how to the actual final build and so the 2nd thing to do was to test the environment tank.
I completely taken apart the air tank and cleansed it very well inside plus out, then reassembled plus tested.
Luckily, there were simply no leaks. Good on that will front!

After that came the assembly of the surroundings tank to a “connection tube” that ensured that the motion was located in the proper location and that allowed the new framework with the Match trigger to keep the parts together to create one unit.

The end result was not bad, really quite impressive:

There was no exclusive screw in the kit to install the connection tube to the activity. And the connection tube had been thin enough that the OE Crosman screw was not likely to “cut it” if the weapon lived to its meant power level, so we lent an idea from a scope train replacement job and utilized a special super-fine thread metric screw that, for some reason is just not as strange as it may audio: M4X0. 5
Using a full screw, We turned it down in order that it would fit into the hole of the action but may not protrude into the connecting pipe.

Apologies for your bad picture, cameras avoid really focus well upon shiny stuff. LOL!
And then we all tested the gun.
MV’s were an entire disappointment.
We’re able to also feel the valve jumping repeatedly (the gun “burped” at each shot), and there was clearly some serious issue with photo count and efficiency.
It was also unfortunately evident that the moderator has been having problems with too slow pellets that were possibly wobbling. There were to take down the whole thing plus re-arrange, re-screw and loc-tite all the parts.
We were using the OEM (Crosman) Transfer Port (TP), and could feel that the whole thing had not been sealing properly, so we disassembled the Pifle and acquired some clear tubing (HDPE) to create a new TP.
BUT , the connection pipe had a different diameter compared to action. So we made an unique TP by putting an area of the tubing in a mandrel and turning it in order to dimension.
The MV’s improved substantially, but there is still some “burping” therefore we disassembled the weapon again.
Relatively frustrated I started considering the internet for “Crosman Fine-tuning Lab” and discovered that they had changed name and ruin the old website and they are at this point located at:

I actually sent an Email through their particular contact page and almost instantly received an answer!

Wonderful! As it happens that George (Georgiy, in the native Russian) is still the primary driving force for the firm and they now have some other fascinating stuff, even complete guns available.
We sent him pictures from the build and a detailed explanation of the problem, and he stated he would consult with his specialized guy, so support will there be for these kits, which makes it more modest to use them.
Probably we can test some other of the products in the future.

After a nights consulting it with the cushion, it occurred to me there was NO serious reasons why that connecting tube required a different diameter and so I mustered the courage to re-drill that passage to the required 8 mm’s and set up a full length HDPE TP.
And the outcome was simply amazing!
We went through barely peaking at ten ft-lbs to exceeding twenty two ft-lbs in rather longish strings.
Obviously it would be ideal if these types of kits came in with a limiter and an extended LP plenum, as there is capacity in order to spare in the tank, yet this one didn’t and the proprietor was wanting to use their gun, so that will remain to get a later date.

Take a look at Airgunbuy. com as all businesses, supply chain problems are usually causing some items to become out of stock, but their philosophy is certainly interesting and their products are usually innovative.

Keep well plus shoot straight!

HM                                                                                                                                                    ©   2022/2/16


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