Making a DIANA 460 for Metal Sights

Right after more than 10 years after the introduction, the DIANA 460 has already become a “Classic”.
No other gun shows the power, the accuracy as well as the elegance of this svelte woman.
22-24 ft-lbs yields are the norm, plus accuracies well within moment of rabbit; -) in 70 yards are not unusual.

So , when a friend inquired me to take a look in to her gun because the bending linkage had failed, and she decided to take the chance to have the gun set-up with regard to iron sights I was a lot more than intrigued.

As things proceed these days, we had to wait for more than 4 months to get the aftermarket to repair the gun (on warranty from DIANA), however in the end they came and got the repair carried out swiftly.
We-took advantage of installing a customized guide made for the OE springs.
OE DIANA springs are fairly good. They are powerful plus consistent. But the molded instructions leave something to be preferred. A guide turned to the proper measurements will quell the spring’s longitudinal vibrations, and reduce the particular twang and the buzz.
Normally I would not really tackle a “partial” melody, but since this was really a “repair”, it really was not a problem to become flexible.

Once the guide has been installed and checked, the particular gun was chronoed with almost 23 ft-lbs with all the JSB  Exact  Jumbo (15. 89 grs in five. 52 mm’s). No twang, no buzz.

And once the particular uniformity of the MV’s had been established (SD’s of a few and 4 fps), we all proceeded to change the front view for something more helpful with a peep.

We looked over different options for the front view, from the very “field” Firesight, to the Lyman Olympic.
In the end, we chose to use the Firesight.
We eliminated  the large, smooth “blade” and cut the cross-dovetail for a Williams Firesight
Then we drifted front side sight in (always directly to left).
There were settled on the system weeks ago, left to correct:
​ Williams GR base, Int’l in order to Williams adapter  made by Gehman, then the Sinclair / AOS Microsight, and then the Gehman Iris adjustable “stop”.  
It is worth note that the AG foundation is too high for this program and to keep a very reduced LOS, corresponding to the OE design of the stock.
The thumbscrew replaces the particular locking screw and makes it simple to keep  the view set. Even though it is a Williams part, it has to be reduce as the original thread length is actually much.
On this picture you can see how the link can come as low as the base by itself. This allows a bit forward installation and the use of the DIANA OE rear sight recoil arresting screw (the original make use of and design of that mess from 50 years ago).
Typical offhand 5 chance groups at 10 metres
We will deal with putting sling swivels (Pachmayr Flush) and then the weapon will be off to the owner.

Really interesting weapons, these 460’s.

Keep nicely and shoot straight!



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