Tips to improve your aim with a compressed air rifle

Airgun shooting is one of the most difficult shooting exercises in the hunting world.

It is mainly complicated by two fundamental factors, the speed of the shooting maneuver and the moving target.

Tips to improve your aim with a compressed air rifle

In small game hunting, we don’t have too much reaction time either, so knowing what we should do at all times will be of great help to achieve the desired results. For this reason, it is important to master the moment of the shot in order to be able to make an accurate shot when the opportunity arises.

A debate of the most discussed by experienced shooters and hunters is whether to aim a shotgun should be done with one or two eyes.

The ideal is to define which is the “directing eye”, that is, the dominant one. To check it, just take a pencil and extend your arm with it.

With both eyes open we will try to point it at an object that is about 5 meters away. If we close one eye, the pencil and the object will be displaced, but with the other eye the same will not happen. With the eye that happens the second, that will be our directing eye.

Tips to improve your aim with a compressed air rifle (3)

In general, biocular vision is much better than monocular vision. We have a greater appreciation of distance and when facing we need less response time.

In addition, we have peripheral vision that is essential to determine where the piece has escaped. With some practice it is easy to train our vision to shoot with both eyes.

When facing a piece the movement must be smooth. If possible, we will not move our feet except to find the correct posture. At this moment we will adopt the shooting posture as if we were already seeing the cattle, accompanying the torso to the head and bringing the rifle closer to the face to finish fixing the position.

Exercises to improve aim.

For a moving target, we must advance the sight depending on its speed so that our shot hits where we want. A good exercise is to look for an area where we have movement of some element, such as cars on a road.

We will simulate that we carry the weapon and we will accompany the target in a facing position and we will advance the target accompanying this advance with the torso and the head. We must remember that we will never point a gun, even if it is unloaded at people or vehicles. The best exercise you can do is to practice in a shooting range with moving targets, but in Spain they are difficult to find.

Shooting strategies.

When shooting, it is usual to stop the movement of the shot (swing) causing us to miss the shot. The objective is that the maneuver is fluid and the shot occurs with our body in motion and with the weapon as part of us. Once the shot was made, we continued the maneuver without stopping dry and reloaded the weapon in case there was an opportunity to fire a second shot.

By practicing these three exercises our maneuvers will be more natural and the success rate will increase considerably when we master them. You can’t improve your aim overnight, so be patient and practice often.

Choosing the best viewer.

In rifles it is important to have a good calibrated scope that we can trust. At Armería Carril we have the best brands that will allow you to take your shooting to the next level. If you are thinking of acquiring one or improving the one you already have, we can advise you without obligation on the viewer that best suits your needs.

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