The particular Gunsmith& #039; s Track; Parts 3 & four. – Making the DIANA 430 all it can be.



Part 3. — Full Power Diana 430L

This post will also act as closure to the first area of the “Semi-Custom” job on the 430L.

The same please note applies!

The transformation done here was performed by a professional gunsmith. Simply no warranties implied, or otherwise are meant in this article. The milling procedures carried out here are sensitive, not really devoid of dangers and of a higher precision nature.
Never attempt this conversion or else completely qualified to do so.
This conversion has NOT been approved by Diana nor simply by Mayer & Grammelspacher.
This conversion proved secure IN THE GUN that it was carried out. We cannot guarantee that every other guns will get the conversion in the same way.
Make sure you do not ask for measurements or even dimensions, Connecticut Custom Airguns cannot provide these information.
All OEM styles and parts’ shapes plus dimensions are proprietary in order to Mayer & Grammelspacher plus their Diana brand

So , with that taken care of, let’s get into what will be Part 3 of the “Gunsmith’s Tune” series.

Full power indicates different things in different guns and also to different people.

There were looked into the USA available suspension springs for the 430 before plus found a good performance with all the long stroke piston plus a Vortek spring from a package, BUT we knew that this gun could deliver a lot more.
The experiments carried out with the Walther LGV offered us some ideas and the outcomes of those ideas, as put on the DIANA 280 have already been published, and we will not repeat ourselves right here.
What we will record here is what happens when a FULL sixed Titan XS spring #1 is used in a 430L.

After installation, i was painfully aware of the embrace Peak Cocking Force (PCF) to about 46 #;
with H& N’s BFT we were obtaining 842 ± 2 fps to get a ME of 15 ft-lbs.

Accuracy had been “Hunting good”, as you can see out of this target shot under turbulent conditions at 20 plus 40 yards:

The very high cocking hard work (> 45#) still continued to be as a problem. Efficiency had not been bad at all, though not really on the par with efficiencies obtainable in larger platforms.
For a hunting gun it had been good, as seldom in the hunt will you take greater than a couple dozen shots, however for some target shooting, it had been too high a cocking work.

What was an interesting encounter was that the accuracy from the BFT prevailed over a broad variety of MV’s.

Therefore , now that the full power from the 430L had been found (15 ft-lbs is the top limit), it was time to use the exact same spring, but cut back to attain a better cocking effort that might be sustainable for some target capturing.

Part four. – What can we obtain for a 36# PCF?

So , now we get to the end of our quest.

Can we get great efficiency, with a good shot routine, an usable PCF for the useful return in MYSELF, with good accuracy?

Well, the answer can be yes, with some qualifications.

Once the Titan XS #1 spring came back in my opinion, we ran a standard and found that it was performing pretty much hat it had been carrying out before it was lent more than (right after the LGV assessments ) at fourteen. 9 ft-lbs.

Based on the tune of the breakbarrel “brother”  of the 430, we all knew we would have to lop-off 4 full coils, therefore, after cutting, sanding, forging closed and relevelling plus polishing the ends, we all chronoed the best 3 pellets at:

BFT 9. 57/4. 51. — 727 ± 5 frames per second for  11. 2 ft-lbs
JSB 8. 44/4. 53. – 797 ± 5 fps  for eleven. 9 ft-lbs
QYS 8. 49/4. 50. — 777 ± 3 frames per second for 11. 4 ft-lbs

Right exactly where we wanted to start!   Good idea this one of having notes, LOL!

And once we determined the fact that cocking force did measure to close to 35#:

All of us mounted a scope:

This particular little jewel deserves a few discussion.
It is a very inexpensive range, usually sold for less than $80 in various configurations

  Amusing thing is that when I appeared for it again, to post the particular reference, though, it seems to get disappeared from the face from the earth!
Amazon would not sell them anymore, actually AliExpress does not recognize the particular “brand”.
Go Number…   one more mystery.

As you can see above, it is a second . 5-7X range variable using a 28 mm’s objective zoom lens.

As well as for sure what does not get many airgunners is the “coarse” turret adjustments:

What people never often realize is that from airgun distances, this is properly acceptable.

It is usually sold with an one hundred yards parallax, but in exactly the same way that we modified the  Traditions rifle scopes , we re-parallaxed this particular scope to 55 back yards.
Why 55?   the targets where all of us tested the system will give aside the intention of this rig.

So , what sort of efficiency, where it counts, will be the rifle delivering now?

At 10 metres, with the proper timing plus support it yields almost match grade accuracy:

Assessment different pellets at some range re-affirmed my opinion that the BFT is a great pellet in this barrel or clip:

Using the wind blowing in the 10 to 15 mph range, the BFT’s clearly show less blowing wind drift than the QYS’s

Moving back to extended varies, taking the time to dope the particular wind, and supporting the particular gun in crossed stays:

We can see that the gun will be capable of 2¼ MOA’s or 0. 66 mrads
And at 72 yards, the particular gun delivers about the same (2. 4 MOA’s) / zero. 69 mrads

At this point, is this a FT weapon?   Nope!

It lacks the share, the weight, the stability, and taking advantage of 7X at 72 back yards was an “interesting experience” LOL!

However the gun is eminently SHOOTABLE. It points well, this reacts well, it “stays in the shot” after recoil, it’s comfortable to dick and easy to load with the launching port wide open due to the little scope.
It could be an excellent pigeon popper, or a shrub rat – ‘radicator.

And there is yet another discipline that is dear in my opinion and close to my center: Siluetas Metálicas; where the shootability of a gun trumps hair-splitting precision. So , we do a test following the Pyramyd Atmosphere Cup distances, and capturing against the clock (53 pictures in less than 4 minutes), which was the result:

I nevertheless need to work on my keep, on my “purposeful” result in squeeze, and on reading the particular wind.
I had taken TWO ranging shots upon each target, as I recently had an idea, of where the reticle of this peculiar (and “ephemeral”? ) scope was going to consider me and, as usual, the particular turkeys proved to be the toughest.
But I would consider 7 misses with a “new” gun, of unknown flight, and just “guesstimation” aiming whenever, LOL!


It is interesting to see in which the 430L architecture COULD have used DIANA.
As fascinating as the story is, it is quite fascinating just how much MORE the platform could have produced with a bit more real airgun engineering.
By no means are these claims the true MAX. But for growing the capabilities further, we might have to alter the cocking linkages beyond what any, however, advanced, tinkerer would be able to perform.

And, in so doing we might be touching on the high heel sandals of the 460, where this particular gun was derived from.

So , possibly, this particular points out to our USUAL method of doing things: Starting from the top platforms and seeing exactly where we can increase the efficiency to the level where at least half the task put into the gun switches into the pellet.
We are going to explore that in the near future, whenever we develop the K-98 Mauser (by DIANA) into a ballisticaly optimized, 0. 177″ california sniper games tool.

There is still several work that COULD be done with the particular 430L:
Some space of the spring could enhance the shot cycle still further.
A heavier Top-Hat can improve the yield for the fairly heavy BFT
Various material ORings could boost the rail speed and the produce, though that would probably need a stouter pellet and operates the risk of changing drastically the mellow shot cycle the particular gun has now.

We will continue using the Ti (symbol) XS springs, they provide dependable, consistent energy over time plus their tolerances work well meant for professional tuners that do not need the time to tailor a guide to the spring that is slightly distinct from the next one.

Apologies for having taken such a long time to finalize these two collection. As for most of us, life is not what it used to be before the “Year of the Masks”.

Keep well, stay healthy plus sane, get vaccinated, plus shoot straight!; -)



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