The Army came first, followed by the two TOP LEO&# 039, s of the country.


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I once had the honor and pleasure of working with the US Army DevCom to create a tool to test the nuclear conditioner blocks they employ in tests: 

It was a journey! LOL!

After a few months, the DevCom representative who had served as my” liaison” for the project contacted me with the odd request,” Can we give your information to some colleagues of ours in other establishments?”
I replied,” SURE.”

And I overlooked it.

Unexpectedly, a phone number in Alabama starts to ring. I don’t usually pick up the phone, so the monitoring system started, and for once, it was a major call.
When I picked up the phone, the voice on the other end said:
” Good day, we’re with the FBI.”

GULP! How did I behave? & nbsp,

The men at Picatinny Arsenal told us you made a little weapons that fires BBs at the rate required to test projectile gel stones, he continues.

Phewwwww! LOL, my mind came back to my brain!

The discussion was Really friendly and polite, and we decided to meet.

After a delicious lunch, I was informed that the Redstone Arsenal, which houses the Ballistic Research Facility( BRF ), for the FBI and the DEA( two of the Top LEO’s in the USA ), required an equivalent device.
However, they claimed that they wanted it” enhanced.” How? I have no idea; only improve it!

After receiving this” open commission ,” I left for work.

As many of you are aware, little leaves the studio without performing at its best, and that takes time, so the task took a little longer than usual for me.
The first progress was fairly simple: a magazine that would work for BB’s had to be created because the BFR needed to analyze Tens of blocks in one” come.”
Fortunately, CARM newspapers delivered on time and perfectly matched my needs for the publication.

A particular work had to be made because Lothar Walther ran out of flintlock barrels. This time, L-W made them without a drown, which turned out to be an excellent idea.

BLS provided the Stormriders for DIANA.

The few vented authorities for this project were produced by ALTAROS weather options.

The task then got underway.

I won’t go over the procedure outlined in the Army rifle entrance that was previously mentioned; instead, I’ll focus on the” development” of the FFH device.

I initially believed that an Outside FFH power only needed to be installed inside the behavior, but the initial tests proved me wrong. There wasn’t enough room!
Finally I realized why the majority of contemporary PCPs that have this feature( also known as FFH, Sling-Shoot, or any other name ) use a LONG space to do so.

The system had to be” folded” in some way because I lacked the necessary place.

I went again to my spring-pistol stems after several weeks of models and tests and created a system that is structurally self-contained.

I apologize that I am unable to post a picture because we are currently examining the validity of the invention. It is a” drop-in” device that requires the replacement of two screws in the original Stormrider infrastructure while still allowing for extensive ergonomics.

The outcomes with this FFH system were excellent:

Keep in mind that the international standard is 590 25 hz, so we were unmistakably abiding by it.

A drooped Picatinny rail was added to the” tools” and tested for accuracy at 5 meters( distance specced by the BRF ), as a smoothbore barrel shooting relatively quickly for the projectile in question was not bad at all. This was in response to my friends’ request to mount the laser pointer sight.

The tiny ring measures 7 mm in diameter.

I sent a” Manual of arms” and nbsp for their use and review as I prepared to ship the three tools to Alabama. It was at that point that I learned that the” tools” needed to be painted” safety blue” because they weren’t guns. I had to assemble and paint the companies as a result:


I’ll personally push everyone who says” SMURF” if we ever cross paths! LOL!
They are” cute ,” as my daughter, age 6, would say:

When I think back on the job, I do have to say that it was once more a satisfaction and an honor to be able to assist these two organizations. They have a challenging task ahead of them, and the BRF is also regarded as an” Go To” certified lab even for international organizations.
It’s always a pleasure to deal with officially exceptional people.
Their perseverance and comprehension of the technology method are admirable.

We are frequently told that we would not have many of the technological marvels we so dearly enjoy without the US Defense budget’s assistance of personal business( really think about the circuit as an outgrowth of mixer diodes used in the first radar systems, and all that the little buggers detonated), but this is a first-hand example.

It is necessary to express gratitude and recognitions to the suppliers and developers of the parts:
DIANA – BLS for the fundamental firearms
For the vented authorities, Altaros Air Solutions
for their superb containers, Lothar Walther
CARM for their excellent publications
Daisy for their” Premium” line’s well consistent BBs.
UTG for their track in Picatinny.

And once more, thanks to the BRF for their persistence and sincere interest in the micro-business.

We may report the use of the FFH system in the near future to the development of specialized FT rifle for Jr. Shooters we hope to enlist from the Izaak Walton League’s Wildlife Achievement Chapter, but that is a different matter.

Stay healthy and aim right!


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