” Simple Field Target”. — The North Carolina Classic 2021

Within a casual conversation with a good buddy, an old “survivalist” from Tx, he questioned me (as old people are capable of), with the force of encounter and the lapidary tone of the parent:
“Your FT sport,   you might have been at it designed for,.  ..   what?, something similar to two decades? ”
I had to admit that will, yes, a bit under twenty one years. And he countered:  
“And within those 21 years, has got the sport advanced?
Hmmmmm, yes, I mentioned, I assume it has advanced in certain aspects and has retrograded in certain others.
“OK” he said. “Let’s focus on  those aspects upon which  you think it has retrograded. What has become less fascinating? ”
This website I have to clarify that he describes many things, and persons, to be “interesting” or “uninteresting”, which in that seemingly simple idea, he engulfs all sorts of factors and feelings from ‘fun and exciting’, to ‘loveable and cherishable’.
So , I told your pet: “It has become MUCH more complex. The ‘Simple’ in it is definitely gone”
Being a good surgeon he was previously, he began dissecting the issue:
“Is the ‘simple’ in IT or in YOU  gone? ”

And THAT produced me think.

Yes, the particular courses have become harder, lengthier, more challenging, but the pellets as well as the rifles have advanced therefore , ¿ Why do WE  make it complicated? Is it really that important to place “Top X” that we allow it to take away from the enjoyment of the sports activity?
¿ Precisely why do we want to solve all of issues with equipment and more products?
¿ Really want to return to “Simple FT”?

I used to be working by times plus lapses, on how to improve the DIANA 430L, and my final conclusion is that it was still not an FEET rifle. My objections had been, mostly, what I had informed my friend “detracted” from the sports activity!
AND that declaration applied to a rifle scoped with a 2-7 X twenty-eight scope.

So , I drawn the Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical   6-24X50 FFP – Mil/Mil   (probably the best spring-piston airgun scope currently on the market) from the Walther LGV plus mounted it on the “small” 430L.
However the 430L is not REALLY a small weapon. It is compact, yes, however it is not a carbine.
​ And the range is not a SIGHTRON SIII, so I do think they go properly together.
Digging in a leather cheek-rest has been VERY useful to accomplish a homogeneous eye placement in relation to the particular scope. The stock by itself is ambidextrous, but now the particular gun is right-handed.

The Nautilus sidewheel offers plenty of spacing between the forty eight and 50 meters (53 and 55 yards) guns, and when set to the brief ranges, the whole thing has a ripped top profile that matches into many cases. Within the upper photo it is established at max range (50 meters/55 yards).

A few comprehensive pictures:

The launching port is not completely blocked and allows plenty of space to put the pellet in to.
I place a ” secret sunshade ” in the scope and yes it was quite effective reducing off the glare of capturing towards the east in the morning with out adding undue length towards the scope and obstructing the particular loading port.
Seen from the rear, you can see there is a definite spacing between the forty eight and 50 m guns, and it is not hard to replicate the rangings IF there is enough reflected light (and we are going to go into that a bit later on, when we discuss the New york Classic -NCC 2021- ).
It is also a mil-mil scope, meaning that the reticle (First Focal Plane), is within mrads, and the turrets are usually in 1/10ths of a mrad, therefore coordinating the “trip in order to Zero” is remarkably simple.
It does have a 16X mark, so our “Hunter” Division friends can use this at their ease.
I used it from 24X. A bit under the 29X that I normally use our SIGHTRON at, but the cup is clear enough that I did not feel challenged by the reduce magnification.  
Final, but not least, a windicator worthy of the husband of the fierce knitter.
​; -)

A truly basic rifle/scope combination. No hamster, no inclinometer, no degree, no “custom stock”.
Simple sporter share capable of fitting-in VERY well in regards to camp-fire.

The system shoots properly the Baracuda FT. And am had tested the flight several times at DIFTA’s sighting-in range Monday night locations. Finding it remarkably constant from week to 7 days.

So , on Wednesday, prior to the NCC-2021, I was at my variety, putting numbers in the sidewheel and seeing if all of the data was more or less constant.
To do that We shot some groups with all the same pellet (BFT), however in three different modes: Lubed with baked Pledge, lubed with T-9 and Nude, results were “interesting”:

You will find 10 shots in every group, and as you can see, in the zero distance there is an obvious grouping ability for the cooked Pledge pellets that gets to be even more obvious by the fifty meters mark.

Each vibrant square is an inch, every small square is a ¼ “, so , t he group in the 50 m mark along with baked Pledge measures lower than ¾ ” high By 1½ ” wide O-O so , with better breeze reading and more practice it is currently an FT “system”.

It is also fascinating that the SAME pellet, perfectly MV, does exhibit another POI at 50 meters depending on whether the pellet can be lubed or not.
So , we went along with
cooked Pledge  lubed pellets.

Thursday early morning saw me pack through 15: 00 hrs, I used to be on the road to Roanoke Rapids.

I had been somewhat worried that there will be problems refueling, as the “hacking” attack on the Eastern essential oil pipeline had shut down energy deliveries for 5 times already. Luckily, it seems that Petrol are privileged:

Traveling our little Golf TDI to shoots has become a custom, it is a capable and comfy vehicle and, when correctly driven, it yields greater than “decent” mileage door in order to door:
Checked within at the hotel and ready for next morning.

Earlier next morning, I whooshed by Wendy’s take out plus went directly to the range.
Last year, the routing had taken me towards the wrong spot on Jack Swamp Road, so I had preserved the entrance location which year, there was no problem obtaining it.
Naturally , this year they HAD put up a huge red banner.  ; -)

Got to the range and fulfilled all the friends, checked within, signed the waiver, plus proceeded to the line of fireplace.


In the downroad, from left: Tom Netherlands, Chas DiCapua, and Leo Gonzales

In the downroad: Mike Dugas and Phil Hepler

Three Seeker Piston Champions, from front side to rear: Paul Manktelow, Greg Shirhall and Eric Brewer
To my surprise, I found the particular rifle VERY close to absolutely no, a few clicks to the left, but nothing to major.

Shot about one hundred pellets that day, from different distances and below different wind conditions and all aspects, the PP Calc data seemed to be great, so , called it per day, we went together for lunch at Logan’s and next early morning we met again.
After checking absolutely no and just warming up, we were squadded and sent to the “White Course”.
This program is challenging in several methodologies:
On one part, it is a wind tunnel. The particular gas line clearing obviously collects and bounces about all the stray currents. A few cuttings allow certain mix winds to flow so when they do, even a small cross-wind meeting an almost solid wall structure of trees, rises plus swirls and creates difficult conditions.

Last time ( 2018 Nationals ) there were shot this same location, we were shooting from the sunlight into the shade. This time, pictures were longer and we had been shooting from the shade in to the dappled shade of the woods borderline, or far in to the shade. So , very difficult light conditions.
Add to that the wind that will kicked in with gusts as high as 20 kph (12½ mph) and you have indeed a difficult shoot.


Picture thanks to Leo Gonzales
By the end during, I was happy to have become some really long plus challenging shots.

In my cards, ranges are usually in meters and the small dots by the “0” indicates the particular suspected POI
As usual, the analysis is that we can all use a little more practice, specially when we making the effort to shoot a sporter weapon with no aids.
And that we can use a lot more real match practice, capturing a lane out of purchase, and timing out are not smart moves!
We can chuck that in order to CoViD! LOL!

By the end during, the score was not poor:


Don’t take notice of the rifle, pellet and range stats, they were not transformed on this card, though I put corrected the club’s information base when I arrived.
After the Subway lunch, we chatted just a little, and we agreed to repeat Logan’s for dinner.
Following morning we met, examined our zeroes, and I discovered the gun shooting just a little to the right, took psychological note and decided to capture as it was.
I was fairly confident the more calm day as well as the woods course wouldn’t end up being as challenging as the open up wind-tunnel course.
Till I saw the goals.
All goals painted in blue.
In here we have to declare THAGC is a strongly-WFTF inclined club. Shots are lengthy and they adhere to the basic principles of shooting by focus on number, using the standard colours designated by WFTF, street markers that inform the particular shooters of where they may be, what they are shooting at, plus keeping timers on track.
We DID take twice at each target, as the custom in the USA.
So , BLUE these were!


Picture courtesy of Leo Gonzales

Picture thanks to Leo Gonzales
Even with the telefoto lens and the contrast reading through capabilities of a CCD messfühler, it is hard to see the pellet impacts.
At the top, the real life experience is that of a much darker establishing, the camera images often enhance the brightness and reduce the particular contrast/balance.
Since the day wore on, Used to do realize that my ranging had not been as good as in a brightly lighted setting, and I started varying two and three times on different objects and designs, so as to check the numbers.
This is one aspect in which a larger scope would have carried out better, perhaps at the cost of the ease of handling from the “smallish system”
Varying several times eats the time upward, and so timing out plus rushing shots is not unthinkable.
I also a new peculiar “failure” where the bending lever opened, something Used to do not experience again, yet that I think I will tackle anyway with a magnet to boost the holding of the handle in the “battery” position.
Leo and Nathan got also had a rough period. Nathan was breaking out there a custom stock created by him from a laminated empty. Purple! Not my mug of tea, and absolutely nothing could have made our guns farther away from each other, ROFL!
But they are excellent shooters and they were a lot more consistent than I was.
Of the four WFTF piston shooters, three had been shooting LGU’s, so that provides you with an idea of the level of competitors.
The classes were World Class courses within their style, presentation and issues.
It was the pleasure and a privilege in order to shoot those courses, therefore thanks go to the designers: Ketih Knoblauch for the White Training course and Chris Corey for your Blue course.

When The majority of the shooting was done, and everything the scores were within, I asked Chris Chemical. how I could help, and he extremely graciously allowed me to create the shoot-off lanes.

Since WFTF rules call for, the particular lanes were IDENTICAL so far as distances and KZ’s dimensions, ranges were paced away roughly, then measured using a tape, distances and KZ’s were checked against WFTF rules, and targets had been checked with an official focus on checker with the recommended 3 hits to the paddle (low, medium and high in the particular KZ). Greg, Nathan, Phil and other friends pitched within and they were ready in the jiffy.

And then shooting began:


Lauren Parsons and Matt Stark capturing off the 3rd place of WFTF PCP
Lauren and Matt each hit the near plus far targets from the sitting down position, when advancing towards the kneeling position, Matt strike hit his target whilst Lauren didn’t, and so He took the 3rd place.

Paul Cray plus Gerald Long, shooting away the 1st and 2nd locations WFTF PCP
Gerald hit their target while Paul failed to and so Gerald took the very first place.

John Van Lieuw and Chas DiCapua shooting off the Start of Open PCP
Both strike their sitting shots so when progressing to kneeling, John Van Lieuw hit their targets while Chas skipped one and so, Brian required the First place.

With the shootoffs done, we all proceeded towards the awards ceremony.


In Hunter Pistol, John Van Lieuw placed third

Paul Porch positioned 2nd in Hunter Gun, but being one of the MD’s he relinquished his spot to Brian, so that Brian positioned officially in second location

Joe Garland positioned 3rd in Hunter Gun

Eric Machine placed First in Seeker Pistol

Tom Netherlands placed 3rd in Restricted Pistol

Chris Corey placed 2nd in Restricted Pistol

Nathan Jones placed First in Restricted Pistol

Joe Garland placed 3rd in Open up PCP

Chas DiCapua placed 2nd in Open up PCP

Brian Vehicle Lieuw took First within Open PCP

Eric Brewer took 3rd within Hunter Piston

Josh Winslow took 2nd put in place Hunter Piston with an excellent second day performance.

Paul Manktelow took first in Hunter Piston

Bill Day took third in Hunter PCP

Cary Hymel took second in Hunter PCP

Phil Hepler took Very first in Hunter PCP

Nathan Thomas took second in WFTF Piston

Leo Gonzales took Very first in WFTF Piston

Matt Stark took third in WFTF PCP

Paul Cray took second in WFTF PCP

Gerald Long took Very first in WFTF PCP

All the Champions
All in all it was an excellent experience.
We are happy with the result and I THINK I am going to continue to shoot “Simple FT”.
Without the problems of extra large scopes, capturing jackets, slings, hamsters, and so forth I enjoy more the excursions.
I will furthermore continue with the development of the particular 430L, it is a great system that can easily compete with various other underlevers.
¿ Perhaps we can convince DIANA to bring out a 430L “M Improved”?

Next time you might have the chance to go to an FEET shoot, GO. You really will love yourself!

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Keep nicely and shoot straight!

​ HM


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