” Simple Field Target”. — Maryland State Champ' h 2021

Capturing FT with a CCA/DIANA 430L

As I mentioned in an previously post , I am preference this “Simple FT” issue!

So , I decided to capture the Maryland State Tournament 2021 edition, with the exact same CCA/DIANA 430L ,   the excellent Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical FFP 6-24 By 50 FFP EBR2C mrad   and the quite consistent H& N Baracuda FT (4. 51/9. 57) pellets.

I THINK the system acquitted itself quite nicely, just like be seen from the Match Outcomes:

To put this within context:
Capturing from an industrial/floorer leg pad, with no straps, coat, or special stock (no hook, hamster, nor large weight) and a 24X range, no clicking; this gun’s 52 points was greatest among spring-piston shooters, in support of 4 points behind the only real other score in the WFTF Division.
As well as the power level did enjoy an important role in this match up, as several targets did not fall with the sub twelve ft-lbs hits if the strike was lower into the KZ, or if it was in the farthest reaches.

This is actually the second match I take with this system, so I are now more familiar with the particular trajectory and the wind go.

Reading into my G. O. P. E.:

It is clear that the little KZ’s at short variety are not as high difficult as the long shots.
With a humble piston sporter, the success rate on the near targets was 79%, while the success at the significantly targets was only 67%.
A small description of all the info that switches into the DOPE might be helpful:
P=position (Free, Standing, or Kneeling); R=Range (in meters), S=score.
By not placing down the hits you psychologically challenge yourself to keep the credit card “clean”.
Papers is waterproof and you compose with either a “Sharpie”, or even pencil, to keep the whole thing water-proof.
The little dots by the “zeroes” is the believed POI for that miss.
The small “P”s implies that I protested the target.

Records are important, and I try to force them down just after the take, so I don’t forget things.
EG: The significantly target on lane five was suspected by Keith Walters (my shooting team mate) to be illegal, whenever ranged and the KZ assessed through the reticle, I thought it had been about a 53 TDR (½ mrad @ 32 metres is about 5/8″ at thirty-five yards), when the targets had been brought in I measured the particular KZ at 18 mm’s (my pocketknife has a mm’s ruler LOL! ) therefore , a bit less, but very close up the max stated within page 6, “Targets”, Area “I” of the new guidelines   (Feb 2021).
Keith introduced it down, TWICE! They are a great shooter (together with  Brian Van Lieuw, they  posted the greatest scores of the match; excellent shooting in anyone’s guide! ), hopefully he will associated with switch to WFTF after the finish of the season, as the 2024 World’s are slated to become held in the USA and it will be interesting to have him presently there.

So , the shoot had not been an easy one, the range was ranging accurately (within 1 meter either way), the rifle was placing the BFT’s where it had been aimed, and I was happy with the performance of the program.

Now let’s see a few pictures: ​


Apoogies for the lack of concentrate, my 5 YO kid had set the water-proof camera to “Macro” ROFL! But the picture does display the type of weather we experienced on arrival.

The particular shooting line was properly populated. I need to get one of these umbrellas. Though I am not sure how to take something like this for an International Match. LOL!

Zoomed in view of the lane. Apologies for the fuzzy picture, but the waterproof digital camera does not have a good zoom.

Keith’s offhand position, a great deal to learn from this picture.

A zoomed in detail from the offhand lane arrangement.

A typical “free position” street.
Several pictures of the lanes:
I know the system may shoot better, got the majority of my kneelers and fifty percent the standers; and I furthermore realize that towards the end from the shoot (we started upon lane 10), some exhaustion was setting in, therefore further work into the bending linkage has to be done to enhance that.

It has also been a fascinating “trip” to shoot the particular H& N BFT’s; they may not be for every barrel but , if you find a barrel that locations them well, even with 730 fps, they can keep their own.

AND, this also implies that “simple” equipment can take a person far in the FT online game. That the FT game is just not about power, but regarding accuracy, precision and Marksmanship.

So , next time you have a chance to go to a shoot, just “giddy-up-go” because you are sure to have fun, find out more than a few things, plus meet some great people!

Maintain well and shoot directly!



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