Basic Field Target #3. — FTRPA July 18th 2021

Preamble and Acknowledgements

This “Simple FT” thing’ is becoming the habit (or is it a good addiction? ) ROFL! high quality at that.
It forces you to generally start from the basics, if you your investment slightest thing, BOING!   there goes a shot exactly where it should NOT have gone. And also you only have yourself to blame.
Demanding? Yes! yet we spring-piston shooters like the challenges!

So , when the Drops Township Rifle and Gun Association (FTRPA) FT group posted that they would be having a shoot in July, I actually quickly obtained permission in the “High Command” and obtained my license for “R& R”, LOL!

Hotel reserved and everything settled, the particular trip started after a   Saturday full of activities with the children and wife.
The drive was relatively annoying. Gone are the days of small traffic due to Pandemic’s part lockdowns; statistics say that we have been back, if not above, Pre-“Year of the Masks” levels of journey and traffic; the Food Industry has even gave a term: “Revenge Travel” where people travel simply to travel, to feel free plus unfettered by quarantines plus isolation rules.

SOooooo…. Right after three different traffic jellies and an almost 5 hrs drive, I arrived straight into Ewing, NJ to spend the night time.

Morning after, I going to Fairless Hills, where FTRPA is located, just 17 moments from the hotel.   Amusing how some states have got much better economic policies compared to others, and it is a shame that PA does not recognize how much business is dropped to NJ simply because fees for travel and leisure time are lower. But which is another discussion.

FTRPA is definitely one of the prettiest courses/venues in the united states. It’s been going strong for several years. The first time we (Veronika plus I) attended a match up there was 2011. MUCH offers happened since. Venue even though, is still as beautiful since ever.

Between the woods as well as the lake, scenery is relaxing and serene.

Range is usually shared between Airgunners plus 3D Archers, and the energy that the Airgunners take to “put the least  possible footprint” into the woods is more compared to commendable:
MOST tree bases get taken out after the shoot.
ALL concrete bases plus pavers get taken out
ALL stakes/gates are also taken out
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING remains of the shoot

Therefore , EVERYTHING has to be set out once again for the next shoot. You will not shoot the same course two times at FTRPA!


THANKS A LOT! therefore to the FTRPA team that spends many hours creating the field for us to come plus shoot!

It is also clear that this Field Target group will get serious support from the Association’s Directives. So THANKS furthermore go to them.

The Take

At FTRPA, you will find a nice sighting-in range, which is also shared with the Archers, so , if you go, tend not to shoot at the foamies! Goals are too big to have any kind of real meaning when chance with a precision airgun on under 55 yards!
The particular FTRPA crew puts out an even more than reasonable sighting within range with targets every single 5 yards in abundant supply.
Also some spinners, a few “shoot to reset”, and when in a while even several FT’s.
Get there early and you may have a ton of enjoyable just shooting at papers.
FTRPA sets out a 60 chance match. They believe this is an excellent balance between costs (travel, time, money) and pleasure for other shooters ahead and shoot, and they are correct, it’s a darned good “bang for the buck”.

These 60 pictures are laid over ten lanes with 3 goals each lane and 2 shots per target.
Locations are not “impossibly hard” generally in the 28 TDR typical, in recent times only ONE shooter (and a truly top one on that) has cleaned the Match. So , it takes lots of skill and dedication to obtain high numbers even in a comparatively “simple” shoot.

Another aspect that is typical at FTRPA is the support of new shooters. A lot of this obeys the clear understanding and friendliness that all the particular members exhibit, and the environment that prevails and pervades all the shoots. It is a great course to get started, and you in no way stop learning…    ; -)

One most significant part of any shoot will be the Shooter’s Safety Meeting. Create no mistake, we have reduced the name to SM (Shooter’s Meeting)  but the real objective is to re-instill the concepts of safe gun dealing with in all the present shooters, specifically the old timers.

Make no error (have I emphasized that will before? ), the first timers are usually VERY aware they are newbies, it’s the “experienced shooters” the ones that need reminding from the safety basics. As in several things in life: “Familiarity breeds contempt”, so if you ever need to provide one of these, make notes plus stick to the notes. Be comprehensive, be precise, be comprehensive. The worst series of focus on failures and cold outlines would be a minor imposition/nuisance when confronted with an accident.
As being a shooter, be aware, be mindful, be courteous, but above all, be SAFE.

One of the WFTF MD’s there is the acronym: SFC (no, it does not imply Sargent First Class; it represents SAFE, Challenging and Fun), which is the aspirational objective of all shoots.

I was combined with Johnathan, a first time present shooter, and it was very enjoyable to shoot with the child (I double his age). We proceeded at a great clip and he clearly acquired done as much of his research as was possible without having actually having gone to the match before.

​ We started in lane nine:

Here is a zoomed within picture of the targets:
I was fairly confident associated with my “simple” system (a DIANA 430L shooting H& N “Baracuda FT” pellets: 9. 57 grs. / 4. fifty-one mm’s at around 734 fps) and proceeded to create down all targets to both shots.
I’m sorry that you cannot see how small so very long target KZ is. In case you locate it on the common picture above, you will just see a black dot in which the KZ is and, whilst I cleaned this street, the impact on the paddles were all clearly noticeable, perfect elevation, but towards the right.
Hmmmmmm Wind?… mental note.
John proceeded in order to shoot his stint and moved to lane #10:
This was one of the long lane, I ranged the middle one particular at 45 yards (41 meters) and the far 1 at 53 yards (48 meters), and while the close to one came down two times, I missed the two photos on the middle one, along with impacts clearly one to the appropriate…. mental cogs turning… then excessive correction to the left. We hit the long 1 on the first shot, yet under the stress of the SSS (Second Shot Syndrome), skipped the second shot.
Here is a zoomed in view:
I decided to adjust our scope 5 clicks left before moving to the start of the course. John finished and moved back to Lane one, but found it hectic, and so, I decided to capture lane 2 and then go back to lane 1, this is street 2:
And here is really a detailed look at the long goals:
Before starting to capture, I took two pictures into the ground to settle the particular scope, since I had clicked on 5 clicks between the final lane and this one. It had been not a difficult lane in 18 yds (16 m), 22 yds (20 m)  and 37 yds (34 m);   and all six shots found the KZ.
After Bob took his shots, we all moved back to lane one:
This is another lengthy lane, the near focus on was already 26 yards (24 meters) away, and following that my rangeings were thirty-five yds (32 m), plus 47 yds (43 m). Here is a detailed view from the long targets:
From the six shots, I skipped the last one. Ah, properly.  .  .
After shooting lane one, we could advance to street 3: ​
As well as the detailed look:
Obtained the woodpecker at twenty yds (18 m)  two times, then missed second chance at the near squirrel forty-four yds (40 m), plus missed both shots on the long one 54 yds( 49 m). And the issue with grey and brown goals is that it is VERY hard to place your misses.
After John shot we all moved to Lane 4:
And this is the detailed look at:
Viewed from the standing up position, it seems that the brief porky is clearly noticeable, but if you locate the particular porky in the panoramic image above, you will see there is a “hump” in the ground that obscures part of the target.
In my, very low, sitting place, the pellet grazed the floor and didn’t even contact the faceplate! So that was obviously a miss!
I had formed to scoot back nearly to the limit of keeping the muzzle in front of the door to get the second shot in order to count.
Ranges were not that long:   eighteen yds (16 m), twenty-seven yds (25 m) plus 35 yds (32 m).
After John’s turn, we moved to Street 5 which was the offhand lane:
And here is really a detail of the targets:
I ranged 10 yds (9 m), 22 yds (20 m), and twenty-seven yds (25 m), therefore all were doable, yet missed the last two pictures.
Arghh… require more practice!
After John shot their turn, we moved to street 6:
With its comprehensive view:
Dropped all of the 6 targets. Ranges are not long: 12 yds (11 m), 19yds (17 m), and 22 yds (20 m).
Right after John shot we relocated to Lane 7:
This really is John shooting his (very well) home tuned HW97. And here would be a detailed look at of the targets:
Obtained twice the near plus mid targets, but the lengthy one eluded me. I actually suspect that at 49 yds (45 meters), with the sunlight on my back and the hat made out of rattan which is very airy, but also enables passage of light in to the ocular, the budget/simple Diamondback 6-24X50 was having problems offering me the acuity  required to range correctly. I really can not fault the scope, it is far from a “high end scope” and, for the price (under $400),   performs very well. I will have to remember and obtain some sort of solid hat that will precludes the sunshine shining in to the ocular, OR an I-cuff or other similar gadget (but then we begin getting away from the “Simple” in the Simple FT idea.

We closed the particular match at lane almost eight:
Which was the only real lane towards the lake. GENERALLY, the wind from the river plays goofy tricks with all the shots, but this time I used to be lucky and I had a few calm.
I had fashioned shot the two shots at the first target when Bob told me:
-There is a person within the lake beyond the middle focus on, not that you are going to skip, but just to make you aware”
Stood up plus tried to locate the person, yet he had rowed past, therefore i deemed safe to take again.
I actually calmed myself down, breathed real deep a few times plus asked John which was the following shot.
Steve informed me that I needed to take my first chance on the second target, therefore i started there and the remaining shots went well.
Enough to close up the Match with a thoroughly clean lane that is always excellent.
By now, I’m sure some of you might be thinking: “How can he or she remember EVERY shot? inch

Truth is: I don’t. ROFL!

When Veronika started capturing, she made it a point to maintain notes of every shot, and thus we designed a M. O. P. E. credit card that I try to keep for many shoots. It is a source of encounter, as sometimes after considering things over a day or even two, I come back in order to find something that needs to be learned.
It is something I might highly recommend:

For example:
Clearly, the particular long shots are tougher than the short ones.
Clearly I have issues with the second shot: 8 associated with 13 misses were 2nd shots.
Have to work in my offhand pictures (usually, real top fits are decided on the “discipline” – forced position –  shots).
In this manner, you can “coach” yourself to enhanced scores.

Of course , I always have a picture of the official rating card:

And be sure that totals match, LOL!

In the end the shooting was accomplished, some of the shooters pitched into “take out the course”:

It’s the least we are able to do to help the FTRPA crew.

After the clean-up, awards were given and discussions got started
After a while, I used to be reminded that I hadn’t delivered the wife, LOL!
So I took depart from my friends and began heading home.
​ The drive house was easier than the one particular out.
Fast refuel, snack, and in 3 or more hrs and change I was house.
When you evaluate the scores of the go with, it becomes clear that the training course was not THAT hard (measured as TDR), yet the ratings were not THAT high.
There is much more to some course difficulty than the TDR, and even when the MD’s believe it is one of the easiest they have established, results tell that it was not too easy after all.

As far as machines are concerned, I am still happy with my “Simple FEET rig” the DIANA 430L is a “good” gun to begin with, but with some engineering as well as the right accessories, it is getting close to the “great” status.
The combination of the particular scope, the mount, the particular gun, and the pellet offers proven that FT’ers really should not be afraid of running at slower speeds. It’s the accuracy, accuracy and consistency of a program that are most important.
It is also important to have fun plus, if your system is becoming as well complicated, take a step back, re-think the whole thing, see into your self and decide what is why is you truly happy. After that simplify.
You might loose a few points within the first few matches, when you were honest with your self and the simplification gives you a lot more enjoyment, then you will practice a lot more, be more proficient, and in the long term, you will score better.

FTRPA’s July shoot is now carried out, it has become part of the group memory, some things discovered, some things re-learned; it had been a hoot and I significantly appreciate Larry’s, Rick’s, plus Jim’s knowledge, cooperation plus efforts on behalf of the sport.
Good times and great memories are created from this.
Best thing was to meet aged friends and make brand new ones, I’ve said this many times, but the best part associated with FT is the people that capture FT.

Keep well plus shoot straight!



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