Types of pellets:Pointed Pellet

The Pointed Pellet, These types of pellets are quite aerodynamic, we can compare them with domed pellets.

Pointed Pellets can keep flying much longer than Wadcutter, we talked about these recently, you can check our review here.

But this type of pellet is recommended for medium distances, it hits well at these distances.

When we speak of a medium-range pellet, we affirm that this pellet easily penetrates greater distances than a Wadcutter (of course), but also at greater distances than a domed pellet and this is important to take into account, because it is its shape rather than its weight which helps you reach these distances.

This type of pointed pellet shot is not the only one of its kind, there are several different models, depending on the company that manufactures them.

In addition to being used with air rifles, many users buy them to shoot with their air pistols, because they are good for their aerodynamics, much better than wadcutters.

Using the pointed pellet with air pistols.


As we said, the pointed pellet works well for medium distances, but to obtain this good performance we must use it with air pistols of medium to high end range, because a low end air pistol will not give good performance even with the good aerodynamics of the pointed pellet.

In essence, a great shot for medium and long range and is designed to penetrate its target, which it can do due to its sharp tip and aerodynamic characteristics.

Here a few options:

Crosman LUM77 Premier Domed Field 10.5g Target Pellets in a Tin (500 Count)

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  • Weight: 10.5 grain
  • Caliber: .177
  • Quantity: 500 count

Gamo 632270154 RED FIRE PELLETS .177 CAL. TINS OF 150 -

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  • 177 caliber
  • Quantity: Tin of 150
  • Siren alert mode: Pyle PMP20 amplifies an emergency tone with adjustable volume control through the megaphone speaker. Our versatile bullhorn really equals that of which is delivered by significantly bigger and considerably more costly gadgets
  • Material: Lead
  • Tin of 150 state-of-the-art Red Fire pellets
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