Tricks to Hunt Rabbits.

Tricks to Hunt Rabbits. Well, we have talked about some species for small game. But many prefer rabbits, so that, in addition to practicing their favorite sport, they can take home a

very appreciated prey. Some sites are by nature better than others to hunt rabbits, the situation is difficult when we do not know any and we want to locate a good site.

Where to find rabbits?

Some experienced hunters recommend following cotton branches as a sign of where rabbits might be, as this type of tree is found

close to their natural food: grasses, clovers, broadleaf weeds, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, garden crops and shoots, twigs and bark of small trees and shrubs.

One way to detect a good place to hunt rabbits is to look for cotton balls that indicate the presence of shrubs in the fields, forests and thickets cotton and therefore the food preferred by rabbits.

Which bushes are preferred by rabbits?

We can enunciate in addition to the cotton balls:: blackberries, brambles, honeysuckle, thick grass and weeds.

It is important to note that many of these places we name here may be on private land, but if you politely ask them to be able to hunt rabbits on your land, they may agree to your request, you lose nothing by kindly trying to ask permission.

What breed of dog is the best for hunting rabbits?

If a combination is suitable and recommended for rabbit hunting, it is to take a Beagle with his compressed air weapon. This breed of dog is the best for rabbit hunting.

Beagle, the best dog for small game

The behavior of rabbits and Beagles

When the rabbit is being stalked it begins to run around its burrow in concentric circles, they instinctively guide themselves around their house, and

they always try not to abandon it, the rabbits start to run and then slow down until they are again stalked by the dogs, then they continue running until completing the circles around their burrow, when it begins to return to its nest.

Rabbit Tracking Technique: The Walking Up Method


This method of rabbit hunting works by entering the field in a good location, like the ones we have already indicated above, then walk 10 steps and stop 30 seconds, be calm and patient, this adds points to your hunting technique and helps you to manage to win a rabbit for your bag.

Then repeat the procedure, perhaps while making a sound that another rabbit is scared but while it is not making sounds a rabbit may appear and be a clean shot.

Hunting with a partner

When you are hunting with a partner, it is best to have a separation of about 15 meters away, walking side by side. The movement should be staggered and brought both synchronized if possible. This means that each hunter must walk 3 meters and wait, while the other walks 3 meters and wait, then repeat the procedure until they have completed the field stretch they have chosen.

Bonus Tip: Once in a while when performing the staggered move, rabbits that didn’t fall at first probably appear in their own footsteps path believing they are safe.


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