The particular 430L. – a Semi Customized powerplant, Part 1



Back in The month of january of  ’19, I posted the final entry about the 430L as an OE rifle here  

Apologies it has taken so long to get to this particular stage but , as usual, life continues to be busy.

Anyway, prior to we go into the subject matter we, once again, yield the floor to our “Esquire”, buddy, and counsel, that says:

The particular conversion done here was performed by a professional gunsmith. No guarantees implied, or otherwise are intended in this article. The particular milling operations carried out here are delicate, not devoid of dangers and of a higher precision nature.
Do NOT try this conversion if you are not completely skilled to do so.
This conversion is not sanctioned by Diana nor simply by Mayer & Grammelspacher.
This particular conversion proved safe IN THE WEAPON that it was performed. We cannot ensure that all other guns will get the conversion in the same way.
Please never ask for measurements or dimensions, Connecticut Custom Airguns cannot provide these types of data.
All OEM styles and parts’ shapes and measurements are proprietary to Mayer & Grammelspacher and their Diana brand name

OK, so that’s out there the way,; -)

In the previous entries to the 430L all of us discussed the HISTORY , the Potential ,   and what I THOUGHT would be the FUTURE   

How wrong I was! ROFL!

Yet We did try. And I state WE because I enlisted the aid of someone who really knows about ergonomics plus human-machine interfaces.
But the problem was a little too high without considerable modifications.

Since time went by, the project dropped into oblivion.

HOWEVER as it often happens to me, a single EARLY morning (about 03: 30 AM) my 3 year old daughter made a decision to play “musical beds” and got in our bed.
I could not really fall to sleep again, and  I started thinking about the complicated adjustments that would be necessary to reduce the cocking energy and increase the shootability of the 430L.
As part of those “thought experiments” I referred back to my own re-design of the DIANA 54 action, a brief stroke piston that yields general efficiencies of around 49% (quotient between work input on bending and pellet energy at muzzle) with the right pellets; through a modify in the length of the stroke and in the particular fulcrum point of the cocking handle. An aspect that has been dealt with in Dorrie Herr’s excellent “Saga of a 56 T/H”:
Part 1, –  
Part 2 . —  
Component 3. –   plus
Part four. –  

But , as an old Teacher of Logic and Ethics as soon as taught me: “If you want to really master one theme argue Professional AND Against it. To learn exactly what there is to learn”.

And then is when it strike me in the face: We were going relating to this the WRONG WAY!

The modify in Fulcrum point in the CCA WFTF D54 design was a possibility afforded by the short stroke from the piston.

In the case of the particular 430L the action itself is short stroked. T he or she 430 is a short version from the 460. The 460 is a Magnum springer capable of delivering in excess of twenty one ft-lbs in stock form. Obviously everyone expects a “Magnum Springer” to have a commensurate cocking force, yet no one wants that cocking push for a 12 ft-lbs yield.


Aiming the triggers between a 460 and a 430L we can see the differences


Squaring off the ends of the actions


This is why there is quite a difference

The 430L improves on that will huge cocking effort a little yet at a Peak cocking force associated with 37. 5 # it was nevertheless a bit much.
SOME gain can be obtained by using a good HMO piston (ORing sealed), which allows a shorter spring along with less peak cocking force for use, but still nothing really dramatic, as well as the gun still had the same sensation to it.

And after that it became obvious that IF to get a short stroke you need a long piston, for a short piston you could have a lengthy stroke. A long(er)  stroke might require also a longer cocking arch, and therefore, you can pack the same function into the action for less peak bending effort.

This particular thought also meshed into a nascent design of a simplified piston composed of three parts, easy to machine plus produce, it also has demonstrated outstanding resistance to a FEW dry fires plus superior efficiency and uniformity, the particular strength lies in new materials which were not available 40 years ago.
With regard to central transfer ports it has an additional advantage at High Power result levels (24 ft-lbs), but we will discuss that in another admittance dedicated to a special 0. 20″ california. D54.

Returning to the 430L ¿ what happens if you use a short piston?, AND more importantly: ¿ How short is short?

And so, it had been time to make the chips fly, associated with idea a reality and test it.

These are the results.


Within Stock/OEM form, the 430L includes a cocking lever arc of about 103 °


A lot more clearly seen here

Once the brief piston is installed, then the bending arc grows a little:


The new arc is 112° 45′


More obviously seen here

Now, from 103° in order to 112° 45′  may not seem a lot, but it is nearly 9%
Plus, as such it is not surprising that the maximum cocking effort goes down to 34#

One of the peculiar things about ergonomics is that a weight of 37# may feel “heavy”, but the weight of 34# may really feel “doable”. Rationally, those 3# are usually “easy peasy”, but when they are used ON TOP of the 34# baseline, these people become unbearable in a few dozen pictures.
Under the current setup, you are able to cock the gun with the remaining hand while shooting with the correct, or vice versa. Two given cocking is not needed.

The other aspect is that the shot routine is much improved. The mass from the piston just went down from three hundred grams to 200 grams, as well as the cycle is just a sudden “thump”.


On the left is the HMO/LS-430, to the right the OEM piston.

Originally, I had prepared to do this with a specially designed spring, yet time has precluded that and so , I am going to leave that for a “Part 2”; for the time being, the LS (Long Stroke) piston is powered by a Vortek PG-2/430 kit with an appropriately size tophat.

Power-wise, the LS piston is no slouch; MV statistics for 20 shot strings, RIGHT AFTER 300 shots of “running in” with assorted pellets on the springtime are:

JSB GTO’s / 6. 8. –      905 ± 6  fps for 12. 4 ft-lbs
​ AA/JSB 8. forty-four / 4. 53. – 796 ± 3 fps for eleven. 8 ft-lbs
BFT  /  9. 57. –              734 ± 3 fps for eleven. 5 ft-lbs
H& In FTT / 8, 64. –      772 ± two fps for 11. 4 ft-lbs

But , this is why, the lightness of the piston really does favour light pellets.

Is this a drop-in mod? NOPE!

The stock requires some adjustments and that makes us regard this particular modification under the same category because the conversion of the 34k Premium in order to NTec, or the conversion of the Mauser AM03 from NTec to metal spring with ABP.

For starters, the groove for the bending linkage in the stock needs to develop, and then the cutout for the anti-beartrap safety also needs some widening.

Here are some pictures:


The share viewed from above


A detailed look into the extra milling required.

At some point, I will re-finish these types of areas, for the time being, they will remain such as this until I decide the teach has truly arrived to the final destination.

For the tests, all of us equipped the gun with a Bushnell Nitro 6-24X50 FFP scope within ZR Mounts.

Yes, it is too large a range for the little rifle, but tests does require a bit better cup than hunting.

And, how exactly does it shoot?

Well, it seems that the 430L’s characteristic “largeish” bore still likes the Baracuda family, among them the particular BHE, and the BFT, but strangely enough, the gun also appears to like the FTT’s

At 10 meters the precision is nothing short of exceptional:. ​

Relocating out to 18 meters (20 yards) still shows excellent accuracy:

Tried to shoot from 40 yards (37 meters), yet clearly, the current setup has arrived at, and passed, the limit:

I am sure that at thirty-five yards, with a better tuned MW (that will come in part 2), the particular gun is capable of “minute associated with Squirrel head” and so, would not be reluctant to take this rifle out in to the woods.
It is not a FEET rifle (¿ yet?!!!! ) however it is perfectly usable in the Eastern coast for squirrels and bunnies.
The black blobs within the above target are a little under ½ ” So , center to center, the BHE, the FTT 4. 51, and maybe the Baracuda Green, groups would certainly all be in the 1″ area.
Disappointing were the shows of the Crosman Premiers, but I seriously expected that, given the weary of the gun.

Is there still some work to complete?  

Ideally, I will be able to launch the operate of special springs for this the majority of peculiar platform (the springs would certainly also be a natural application to the DIANA 280, which is the breakbarrel edition of the 430.
And once the last power source (spring) and manuals have been finalized, we can then track the Muzzlepiece in an useful way.
So , I am reserving a chance to come up with a Part 2  to this weblog entry.; -)

Nice reading, keep well and capture straight!


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