The Beeman 2027 is an air pistol that uses pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)

Looking to try PCP airguns without spending a fortune? The Beeman 2027 is a great option! This powerful and accurate pistol lets you plink or target shoot with ease. It boasts features like adjustable power, a comfy grip, and a pressure gauge, all at a beginner-friendly price. Plus, it’s easy to refill and holds a lot of pellets (12-shot magazine!), so you can focus on having fun shooting.

Beeman air pistols are a great option for those interested in target shooting or plinking. They are not currently used in any major international shooting sports competitions,

Beeman 2027 PCP AIR PISTOL

The Beeman 2027 is an air pistol that uses pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) technology, making it powerful and accurate.

It’s targeted towards beginners looking for an affordable PCP airgun for plinking or target practice.
It boasts features typically found in pricier models, like adjustable velocity, a comfortable grip, and a pressure gauge.

The 50cc air reservoir can be easily filled with a hand pump and delivers up to 60 shots per fill.
It comes with a large magazine (12 shots) and fiber optic sights for easy aiming.

Overall, the text emphasizes the Beeman 2027’s affordability, user-friendliness, and features that make it a good choice for beginners in PCP airguns.

Beeman 2027 PCP AIR PISTOL

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when choosing a Beeman air pistol for sports:

Caliber: Beeman air pistols are available in .177 and .22 caliber. The .177 caliber pellets are lighter and faster, while the .22 caliber pellets are heavier and slower. The .177 caliber is generally more accurate at shorter distances, while the .22 caliber is more accurate at longer distances.

Power: Beeman air pistols vary in power. More powerful pistols will be more accurate at longer distances, but they will also be more difficult to cock.

Action type: Beeman air pistols come in a variety of action types, including single-stroke pneumatic, double-action, and pre-charged pneumatic (PCP). Single-stroke pneumatic pistols require the shooter to cock the pistol before each shot. Double-action pistols allow the shooter to cock and fire the pistol with a single pull of the trigger. PCP pistols use compressed air to fire the pellet.


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