Photo cycle Dynamics in 3 or more Spring-Piston Airguns Chap five

Does lubrication with Krytox improve performance?

There are lots of great articles on the benefits of lubricating spring piston rifles along with Krytox, but I’ ve never been able to find a comprehensive, quantitative before/after evaluation associated with Krytox in these rifles. Generally there also are some excellent content on Krytox in GTA:
I initial heard about Krytox from Leo Gonzales. Leo is a fantastic WFTF competitor (he placed 4th  in the last WFTF World Tournament! ) and he knows a great deal about springers, so when this individual makes suggestions, I pay attention very carefully!  
In this chapter I changed my LGU and FWB 124 to Krytox plus took a look at their efficiency before and after the switch.
Before Krytox, each rifles were sparingly oiled with a combination of moly plus Superlube, with the moly primarily for the metal parts plus Superlube for the synthetic piston seal. This was the reduction in friction used in Chs. 1 plus 2 of this blog.
​ Before lubricating with Krytox, I 1st thoroughly degreased the mainspring, piston, piston seal, plus compression chamber. Then I used GPL 205 very moderately, wiping off after using. Krytox is much more expensive compared to molybdenum disulfide or Superlube, but Leo pointed me personally to an online store with quite reasonable prices:

Body 5. 1 shows just how Krytox affected the precision of my LGU. Precision was about the same after Krytox was applied, where 4 10-shot groups were produced off the bench at twenty yards before Krytox, plus another four 10-shot organizations were made after Krytox. No warm up shots had been taken after the Krytox reduction in friction and the last 10-shot team with Krytox is pretty wonderful, with a ctc distance associated with 0. 090”, so probably accuracy is improving because the rifle starts settling using the new lube? As I talked about in Ch. 3, this particular group needs to be taken using a grain of salt!  


Fig. five. 1 LGU accuracy along with 10-shot groups off counter at 20 yards along with moly/Superlube (top four groups) and Krytox (bottom 4 groups).
​ Accuracy with the 2 types of lubes was comparable, but there was a BIG difference within the fluctuations in the MV. Physique 5. 2a) shows the particular MV for each of the 1st forty shots in Fig. 5. 1, before Krytox. Figure 5. 2b) displays the MV for each from the last forty shots within Fig. 5. 1, right after Krytox, plotted with the exact same vertical scaling. The standard change and extreme spread from the MV both dropped can be a factor of two once the moly/Superlube was replaced simply by Krytox! Again, this occurred right after the Krytox has been applied; there were no photos to get the rifle settled along with the new lube. My LGU shoots lots of different types of pellets very well with similar POI, but one of my issues has always been that the MV could be pretty erratic with some brands/dies of pellets. At twenty yards, fluctuations in MV aren’ t that essential, but at longer varies these fluctuations could cause large POI shifts. The Krytox did an amazing job associated with stabilizing the MV making use of pellets from the very same container.

Fig. five. 2 LGU MV along with a) moly/Superlube and b) Krytox for the groups upon shown in Fig. 1 )
​ Krytox made no discernable difference in the recoil from the LGU, as can be seen within Fig. 5. 3, which usually shows recoil traces just before (blue) and after (orange) Krytox.

Fig. five. 3 LGU recoil remnants showing the position, velocity, plus acceleration of the sled-mounted gun over 250 ms designed for moly/Superlube and Krytox reduction in friction of piston seal plus mainspring. Note that velocity has been measured using the soundcard on the pc, so the signal is usually ac-coupled and the slower rearward drift of the sled is just not captured, as explained within Ch. 1 .
​ Later on exactly the same day, I shot 8 10-shot groups off the counter at 20 yards along with my Krytox-lubed LGU, since shown in Fig. five. 4. These are the best 10-shots groups that I’ ve ever shot at twenty yards with any atmosphere rifle, with an average ctc of 0. 23”! MV fluctuations were a bit greater than I would have hoped, yet I expect that if I used to be using the original moly/Superlube upon that day with all those pellets, the MV variances would have been even worse

Fig. 5. four LGU accuracy with 10-shot groups off bench in 20 yards with Krytox.
​ Since Krytox did this type of good job of taming MV fluctuations, I did some precision testing at 52 back yards where MV fluctuations create a much bigger difference compared to at 20 yards. With 50 yards, a reduction in MV from 800 frames per second to 760 fps means a drop of about 0. 75”! The severe spread in MV making use of my LGU with Superlube/moly is around 37 fps, therefore one will get vertical stringing on the order of zero. 75” at 50 back yards just from MV variances. Figure 5. 5 displays typical groups at fifty two yards off the bench just before Krytox. Looking at the bottom line we can see that some 5-shot groups were pretty little, around 0. 40”! Nevertheless , there was a lot of vertical go in the first two organizations, shot from left in order to right, so I only measured the last three 5-shot groupings. Again, choosing the smallest team would not be very associated with how the rifle was capturing. Putting the last three organizations together resulted in 15 pictures inside a 1” circle.

Fig. 5. five LGU accuracy with 5-shot groups off bench in 52 yards with moly/Superlube (before Krytox). Here I’ m focusing on the last 3 groups on the right within the bottom row.
​ Figure five. 6 shows how the Krytox-lubed LGU did at fifty two yards. Unlike Fig. five. 5 where I photo three 5-shot groups, within Fig. 5. 6 all of the groups were 10 pictures. I was hoping that the Krytox would results in a more spectacular improvement at 52 back yards, but the groups are still very good for a springer at fifty two yards! Most 10-shot (ofcourse not 5-shot! ) groups had been under 1” and seventy shots landed in a group just over 1” in size.

Fig. five. 6 LGU accuracy along with 10-shot groups off counter at 52 yards along with Krytox. The first group within upper left hand part was for warming up plus wasn’ t counted.
​ Our LGU’ s POI happens to be pretty consistent and I think section of this is because I use very little lubrication. I’ m not sure when the consistency is much better with Krytox, but I’ m discovering that over several months under various conditions, the POI have not changed much.

Urged by what Krytox did to a LGU, I decided to test it in my FWB 124. Amazingly, and unfortunately, Krytox a new very different impact on my FWB 124! With the Krytox-lubed LGU, MV remained about the same yet MV fluctuations dropped with a factor of two. With all the Krytox-lubed FWB 124, MV dropped can be 35 fps and MV fluctuations remained about the same, as can be seen within Fig. 5. 7. Determine 5. 7 a) plus b) show that precision was about the same or perhaps a little bit worse with the Krytox. Probably it will take some time for the gun to settle in with the Krytox? One possible explanation is the fact that my FWB 124 had been lightly dieseling with the moly/Superlube, which have a lower ignition temperatures than the Krytox, so that forced the MV up a little? That’ s just one suppose.

Fig. five. 7 a) FWB 124 accuracy with 10-shot groupings off bench at twenty yards with moly/Superlube (top four groups) and Krytox (bottom six groups), b) more 10-shot groups along with Krytox. Average MV lowered about 35 fps however the standard deviation and severe spread stayed about the same whenever Superlube/moly was replaced along with Krytox.
​ So is Krytox worthwhile? If I had only examined my LGU, I would solution with an emphatic YES! Nevertheless , the Krytox experiment upon my FWB 124 demonstrated that things are a little more complicated, as they tend to be within real life!
​ I’ m extremely intrigued how/why Krytox can affect two 12 ft-lbs springer so differently. Probably it has something to do with the differences within piston seal material? I might very much like to understand the cause(s) of these differences and think that will teach me something totally new about springers. If you have any kind of ideas, please let us know.
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