How to choose the best compressed air gun according to the use that is going to be given?

The sale of airguns has grown considerably in recent years. Thanks to their numerous advantages, many shooters prefer them even over firearms. They are very precise and easy to handle. As for its price, it varies depending on the model, quality, type and manufacturer of the weapon. Some of the main manufacturers of air rifles and air pistols are Gamo, Storm, BSA, Croman or Walther.

When buying compressed air weapons, it is essential to know which one we need and, above all, to be fully aware that they are items that require some responsibility when using them. The point is that choosing the best airsoft gun is not an easy task nowadays due to the large number of options that the market offers us.

What use are you going to give it?
If we are looking for a combination of uses, a fairly common option is 50% target shooting and the other 50% pest control. You have to keep this in mind as although to some degree any rifle can be used for any purpose, it is always better to buy a gun designed for its intended use. Some are designed for general shooting, while others are specifically designed for competition shooting or hunting.

How far are you going to shoot?
Most airguns fall into the following categories: Light, Medium, High (Magnum), and Super-Magnum. Most of them tend to combine magnum and super-magnum in the same “high power” group or “magnum” category. For example, if it is for hunting, we will need a power of 65 meters, while if it is for pest control, 40 meters is sufficient.

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, 22 Caliber, Black

$292.73  in stock
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as of January 25, 2023 9:36 pm


  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Air guns rifles
  • Another quality product
  • Up to 800 FPS Fill pressure 232 bar, with built-in pressure gauge plus quick fill port

Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed .22 Caliber Break Barrel air Rifle. High Power 10-Shot Pellet air Gun. 1,000 fps Velocity.

$261.03  in stock
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as of January 25, 2023 9:36 pm


  • ✅ [High Powered Air Rifle] Up to 1,000 FPS with alloy .22 Cal. Pellets
  • ✅ [Inertia Fed] 10X GEN3i technology includes our revolutionary horizontal inertia fed magazine integration
  • ✅ [10 shot Pellet Rifle] 10 shot Magazine: Simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shotsot
  • ✅ [Gamo's Quietest Air Rifle Technology] Whisper Fusion noise dampening technology. The quietest Gamo noise reduction technology
  • ✅ [Gas Piston Power] The IGT Gas Piston replaces the standard spring power plant with an Inert Gas Cylinder

Gamo WildCat Whisper Air Rifle .177 Cal , Black

$134.99  in stock
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as of January 25, 2023 9:36 pm


  • .177 Cal pellet single cocking break barrel, 1300 fps with PBA Platinum
  • The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a gas piston that replaces the spring delivering more terminal velocity (1300 fps), less vibration, more consistent power and a constant and smooth cocking effort.
  • This air rifle also features the well known WHISPER noise reduction technology patented by Gamo
  • 4 x 32 Shockproof Scope. Gamo trigger with adjustable second stage. It has a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock with a rubber recoil pad. Lightweight design.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Made In Spain

Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion 1465S54 Air Rifles .22 -

$499.99  in stock
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as of January 25, 2023 9:36 pm


  • 10 Pellet rotary clip
  • Velocity: 1100 FPS with pba Platinum (.22 cal.)
  • System: pcp Pre-charged pneumatic cylinder
  • Custom action trigger (Cat)
  • Beech wood stock

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