Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle: Not Just For Iguanas

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Iguanas can be a nuisance. In some areas of the U.S. they literally can infest people’s yards and make a mess.? There are a number of ways to try and get rid of them, but sometimes the best way is to shoot them. With a high powered pellet rifle.

shoot an iguana with a pellet gun

A nuisance eliminated with air rifles.

Like ‘keysmon’. He has a quick but encouraging tale about iguanas. It is one of the more interesting reviews I have come across. But it also illustrates accuracy of the Gamo Silent Cat. This rifle can put out very tight groupings at 20 meters.

Noise dampener

The Silent Cat Air Rifle is one of Gamo’s higher powered air rifles. The rifle gets its name from a non-removable noise dampener mounted to the barrel. According to Gamo, and to actual users, the noise dampener essentially cuts noise in half. This is one of the rifle’s big selling points.

The dampener is emphasized by Gamo as the rifle’s most attractive feature. But I have to say, the rifle’s accuracy is even more impressive.

Darn, that’s accurate

As I noted above, the most impressive feature of the Silent Cat is its accuracy. This has been confirmed by many reviewers.

But is it Quiet?

Ok?so Gamo is marketing the rifle as ‘silent’.? But is it true?

Yes. The noise dampener mounted to the barrel makes the gun noticeably quieter, especially with higher velocity shots. This dampener means that small game down range will be less likely to run when the gun is fired. Your neighbors will also thank you for not disturbing their Saturday afternoon.

The accuracy of this weapon makes it a solid choice for sport shooting, but also allows for quick, clean kills on a repeated basis. The design of the synthetic stock is also a plus. A stock design like this is comfortable to hold over a long day of shooting. This is not to be underestimated because it also increases accuracy.

Dependable break barrel

The break barrel and spring piston systems are, interestingly enough, appropriate for both beginners and more advanced shooters. These systems make the gun easy to use and require very little maintenance.

First time shooters will have no problems with cocking the barrel, and even a properly supervised child has the strength to cock and load the rifle.

Some points worth covering

While the Gamo Silent Cat is a good air rifle, it does have some flaws that you should be aware of before you buy. The pistol grip section of the stock may be a little small for people with bigger thumbs to use comfortably. These people will have to reach their thumb all the way around the stock, which decreases some of the comfort and accuracy of the gun.

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The scope is ‘eh’

We should note that for this rifle, Gamo did not spend their money on the scope. But at this price, it is hard to complain. If you are using the rifle regularly for longer range pest control, a new inexpensive sight may be something to consider. ?I recommend adding the Hawke Sport?HK3022 3-9X40mm scope?as an excellent replacement. ?You can also check out my post on choosing the best scope for your air rifle here for a little more guidance and some different options.

The noise dampener does reduce the sound of the rifle. But it may still be too loud for those looking to use the gun in an urban setting for pest control. And the fact that the noise dampener is a permanent piece means you can?t upgrade to a quieter model. But for most environments it actually is fine.

Trigger Mechanism

Some users have said the Silent Cat?s trigger pull is a little too heavy. That can cause a reduction in accuracy for shooters who aren?t strong enough to pull that much weight smoothly. Children and beginners may find this problematic. However, the trigger mechanism can be replaced easily enough.

The gun’s high power means that very lightweight projectiles may be harder to keep accurate. If the projectile goes supersonic the noise dampener won?t help quiet it down, and the shockwave will bounce the ammunition around in the air. Choosing heavier ammunition to keep the speed down eliminates this problem.


  • Sleek modern design – looks cool on a rack
  • Features twin cheek pads to make it comfortable for left or right handed shooters
  • A deluxe ventilated rubber pad on the end of the stock to make for more comfortable recoil absorption.
  • Comes equipped with a 4X32 rifle scope and fiber optic sights.
  • Spring piston powered rifle with a break barrel cocking mechanism. Rated at 30 pounds of force, it doesn?t feel hard to use or tire your arm out after a day of shooting.
  • Two safety features – a manual release trigger safety and an automatic cocking safety.
  • Fires PBA ammunition at 1200 feet per second (fps), and can fire lead ammunition at 1000 fps.

gamo silent cat tigger mechanism and scopeGamo Silent Cat – check availability

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Gamo Silent Cat?is a great choice. There are better models on the market, for those of you who are looking to drop some cash. But there are many more rifles that are worse.

This model is appropriate for a journeyman enthusiast or a pest manager. It is a good rifle for all around shooting performance and has the power and accuracy to perform a variety of tasks for different shooters. The high shooting velocity and accuracy make it a great hunting rifle. The scope and trigger can be upgraded as I noted.

The Silent Cat is a solid choice from Gamo’s lineup for someone looking for a quieter alternative to the Gamo Big Cat, or simply to shoot some iguanas.

Where to get it

The best prices I have seen consistently, day after day, are on Amazon. The list price set by Gamo is $239, and I have seen it all over the map.? But don’t pay more than $170. Anything under that should be considered a fair price.

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