Choosing the Right Pellets to Hunt Squirrels.

Choosing the Right Pellets to Hunt Squirrels. We know that there are many types of shot available and none of them is the perfect shot for all rifles in all situations, we are going to look for an approach to achieve the best situation in this regard.
We always say that everything is achieved with practice … the choice and use of the pellets does not escape this situation.

Which shot is the best for which distance?

When using a high powered compressed air rifle, in general you could choose a round head shot or a standard pointed lead pellet for small game hunting in the field.
But, if you are going to use your compressed over short distances, like for example, the practice of target shooting a wadcutter or truncated head can be very effective.


Finding squirrels on the ground.

In practice there is no apparent reason to think that one alloy from which the pellets are made is better than another for most small game scenarios. Although the above is true, we must bear in mind that a high-powered air rifle must be fed with heavy pellets to take advantage of the maximum range. We can experiment with various types of pellets when we have a high powered rifle but they must all be heavy.

Tip: Before looking to shoot any squirrel, spend a little time walking around the area where squirrels may appear and perhaps another animal that can be used to sharpen your aim.

Squirrels like to move around in large hardwood trees like pine or oak. Search among walnuts and nests.

You can also see at the edges of the forests and in the waterways, at the edges of the trees, all these sites can be possibilities to find squirrels.

Tip: When there is snow on the ground, it is easier to track squirrels, but please do not shoot or disturb squirrels in their dens; This is not correct or ethical and may be illegal in your state.

Depending on the species of squirrel that may exist in your walking area, you can find it in coniferous forests, in the case of eastern gray squirrels you can see them in dense forests, while fox squirrels like smaller forests , and inhabit the edges of forests.

Squirrel habitats.

When we get into squirrel habits you have to move and stalk a little more just be patient and sneak around in the woods.

In general, it is recommended to move quietly and then stop for periods of time that allow the animals to be heard making their movements and noises so that we can know where they come from.

Tip: The key is to be as quiet and observant as possible, when it has rained and the ground is wet it is good to sneak up on the squirrels.

Tip: Even if the squirrel is hiding, there is a probability that it will come out after several minutes, so if we wait, maybe we could hit the next shot.

Bonus Tip: If we carry binoculars and observe at a distance we could choose one and follow it up, so that when we see its movements previously we have a greater probability of hitting it.

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